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A Brief Overview of Ganesha Stories for Kids

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About Ganesha - An Introduction

Ganesha is Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati's first child. In Hindu mythology, he is called the "First God." Ganesha's name comes from two different Sanskrit words: "isha," which means "Lord," and "gana," which means "group." So, Ganesha is known as the God of the Many.


Lord Ganesha and kids

Lord Ganesha and kids


Ganesha can lie down, eat candy, dance, or even ride on a mouse. This explains why Lord Ganesh is so interesting to kids and why they love to hear stories about him. Let’s read more about Lord Ganesha.


The Birth of Lord Ganesh 

Once, Parvati's friends Jaya and Vijaya told her that she should have at least one guard who only listens to her. But Goddess Parvati didn't like this idea because she knew that all of Mahadev's guards and followers were ready to do what she said.


Lord Ganesh's beginnings in life


Lord Ganesh's Beginnings in Life


After a few days, Goddess Parvati was tired and wanted to sleep without being bothered. So, she told Nandi, a follower of Lord Mahadev and his guard that no one could come into the house unless she said so. After that, Goddess Parvati went back to her room. Mahadev went to the house only to do some work there. 


Goddess Parvati told Nandi to tell Mahadev not to come into the house. But Mahadev had to do something meaningful, so he ignored Nandi and went inside the house. When Mahadev came into the house, he made a lot of noise, which woke up Goddess Parvati. Jaya and Vijaya were right, the goddess Parvati realised.


Jaya and Vijaya also suggested that Goddess Parvati use her body wax to make a child and bring it to life. Since you will bring the child into the world, he will only listen to you. She agreed and did the same thing. So this is how Ganesha went into the world.


Moral of The story - It is a story from mythology that also has a lesson to learn. "The moral of the story is that anger can hurt people we care about and sometimes make things worse that we may or may not be able to fix." It also says that we should fix our mistakes as soon as we realise them so that we don't do more harm.


Lesson for Lord Ganesha 

When Lord Ganesha was out playing one day, He heard a cat purring. He caught the cat by its tail and then decided to play with it. To make it even more miserable, He started twisting the cat's tail until it screamed in pain and pulled away from Him. The cat spun around in the air, and when it hit the ground, it did so with a lot of force, hurting itself. Finally, it cried out in pain and ran away to its mountain home.


A lesson for Lord Ganesha


A Lesson for Lord Ganesha


He ran into His house and told His mother, Parvati, to feed Him. When She brought Him the food, He was shocked to see that She was dirty and had bumps all over her body. She looked like She was hurt.


He told Himself that since His mother is the mother of this world, no one would have the guts or strength to hurt Her in this way. He suddenly saw what was going on. His logic was this: if His mom was the earth's mother, She must be in everyone and everything. When any Living being was hurt or harmed, it was clear that She also felt a lot of pain. She was a Goddess, so She was in every part of life, and the pain of the cat that He had hurt had to be a part of Her pain and suffering.

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FAQs on A Brief Overview of Ganesha Stories for Kids

1. What is the lesson to be learned from Ganesha?

The story of Ganesha reminds us that we should always fulfil the responsibilities that are given to us. There should be no fear in us about the difficult challenges that lie ahead. If we treat the responsibility given to us with care and carry out our responsibilities with passion, we will be rewarded with the love and respect that we rightfully deserve.

2. How Can Kids Use the Story's Moral?

This story of Lord Ganesh's birth helps kids learn their religious and mythological beginnings and learn how to be calm in difficult times. Lord Shiva and Ganesha acted without thinking in the story. In such cases, we should first grasp the issue and act accordingly. In the myth, Shiva can fix the situation, but in real life, we may not be able to. The story inspires kids and adults. Parents and instructors may tell this story as a short story to keep kids interested.

3. What does Ganesha represent?

Lord Ganesha helps us get rid of problems and move forward in life. Lord Ganesha's big elephant head stands for the wisdom, understanding, and discriminating mind that everyone needs to reach perfection in life. The wide mouth shows that it's natural for people to want to enjoy life.