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Mice That Ate Iron: A Moral Story for Kids

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Let’s Read the Story of the Mice Ate Iron

Tales that tell you about being truthful are so important to learn to shape our personalities. Sometimes these tales tell it to you in a very funny quirky way that makes you remember instances. This is one such story about a man who thought he could lie and deceive his friend by giving an unbelievable excuse. This story is taken from Katherine Evans's tales.

The “Mice That Ate Iron” story is about a foolish man who was trusted with the valuables of his friend but he ends up foolishly breaking his friend’s trust only for some money. Let’s find out what excuse he had made.

Naduk and Lakshman with the Iron Rod

Naduk and Lakshman with the Iron Rod

Mice That Ate Iron Story

The Mighty Mice

There was a rich businessman by the name of Naduk. But things were tough, and his company was struggling. He made the decision to leave the city and make his wealth elsewhere. He sold all of his belongings and settled his loans. He just had a large iron rod remaining. When Naduk went to say goodbye to his friend Lakshman, he asked him to hold onto the pole till he got back. Lakshman promised to take care of it on his own.

Naduk spent many years making his wealth by travelling widely. He was happy because he became wealthy once more. He went back home, purchased a new home, and restarted his business. He went to see his friend Lakshman, who gave him a kind welcome. After some time, Naduk requested that he give back his iron rod. Lakshman was unwilling to return the rod because he knew it would bring him good money. He then informed Naduk that the mice ate iron, which he had stored in the storeroom.

Naduk didn't appear to care. To deliver a gift that he had purchased for him, he requested that Lakshman send his son home with him. Ramu, the son of Lakshman, was sent with Naduk.

Naduk and Lakshman’s Son

Naduk And Lakshman’s Son

Ramu was held by Naduk in a cellar inside his home. By night, Lakshaman had grown concerned and had come to ask as to his son's whereabouts. Naduk replied that a vulture had taken the boy off inching closer to his residence. Naduk was accused of lying by Lakshman. He stated that a fifteen-year-old boy could not be taken by a vulture.

After a major argument, the case was presented to a court. The court told Naduk to give the child back to his father after hearing Lakshman's version of events. Naduk, however, insisted that a vulture kidnapped the boy. The judge questioned him on how it was possible. He answered that if a huge iron bar could be eaten by mice, then a boy could most definitely be taken by a vulture.

Naduk told the entire story of the mice that ate iron. The entire courtroom roared with laughter. The court then gave Lakshman the order to give Naduk the iron beam back, and for Naduk to give Lakshman's kid back to Lakshman.

Moral of the Story

“Don’t be greedy”

We learn from this story that we should not be greedy as it will come back to us later. Lakshman lied to his friend Naduk and broke his trust only for some money which ended up having him lose his son. Naduk was intelligent enough to take Lakshman to court to get his iron rod back from him. Lakshman being greedy had him feel embarrassed in front of everyone in the court also.

Naduk and Lakshman’s Quarrel about the Rod

Naduk and Lakshman’s Quarrel about the Rod

The Mice That Ate Iron Summary

Naduk was a merchant living with his father’s wealth but after a while when things had started getting tough, he decided to leave the city and try his fortune elsewhere. Although he had sold all his belongings he had one iron rod of value which he could not take with him so he gave it to his friend Lakshman to keep until he got back, Lakshman agreed to look after it. After some time when he got back and asked Lakshman for his rod, Lakshman told him that it is eaten by mice, and NaduK knew that Lakshman was lying so he tricked Lakshman into taking his 15-year-old boy to his home to give him something. After some time when Lakshman had gotten worried about his kid, he went to Naduk’s house and heard that his kid had been taken away by a vulture.

When they both went to court to settle the matter, Naduk narrated the entire story about the mice that ate iron upon which the judge and all the courtroom members started laughing. Eventually, Naduk got his iron rod and Lakshman got his kid back.

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FAQs on Mice That Ate Iron: A Moral Story for Kids

1. Who is the writer of the story and what is the theme of the story?

The Mice That Ate Iron is written by Katherine Evans. The storyline theme of this is revenge, however, it is a moral story that educates us about how lying is a bad habit.

2. Did Naduk get his iron rod back?

Yes, Naduk and Lakshman went to court. The court helped both and did justice. Naduk got his iron rod and Lakshman got his son.

3. How can you teach children about lying being bad through this story?

The Mice Ate Iron story is the best example to teach children this life lesson. Children learn from a young age, so moral stories like this stay in their minds. There can be activities done in class by teachers to help them understand on a practical level.