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Christmas Tree Story - The Legend of Christmas Tree

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Who doesn't like the festivals and if the festival is all about Santa and decorating beautiful Christmas trees with lights and ornaments. Yes, Christmas became the most celebrated festival that was originated in the southern part of the world is now celebrated all over the globe. The major attraction of Christmas is a Christmas tree. It is an ornamental tree called a pine tree that is decorated on the eve of the festival with lots of ornaments and lights. This has been an age-long tradition that is being followed. 

Among these celebrations, we almost forgot that the tradition has nothing to do with the Christan tradition and was instead originated from a pagan celebration. Many centuries ago, on December 21st, the Germanic people use to celebrate the solstice with a pine tree every year. According to German mythology, the evergreen pine tree was a symbol of energy and always was a reminder that nature is not dead in winters and is about to start a new life cycle. Later when Christianity started spreading in Europe, the celebration of the solstice on December 21st was assimilated by the Christians and later the pine tree entered everyone’s house as a Christmas tree for the festival celebration. 

Thus, with the celebration of this beautiful occasion there raised many Christmas tree stories. One of such beloved Christmas tree stories is brought to you by Vedantu for an enjoyable read for your kid as a bedtime story. This Christmas tree story is available on Vedantu’s site absolutely free. 

Christmas Tree Story

Christmas Tree Story

The Christmas Tree Story

Now without much delay let's jump into the beautiful Christmas tree story that every one of you will love.

Once there lived a very poor woodcutter with his family deep in the forest. On the eve of Christmas this site is down for supper, they suddenly heard a knock on the door. As they open the door they saw a very hungry child in torn and ragged clothes.

Poor Woodcutter

Poor Woodcutter

As the woodcutter was very sympathetic to the child he invited him inside and provided food although they didn't not have much to share and then give him a bed to rest. Later the woodcutter and his entire family pray to God thanking him for the supper and a safe place to live in.

Family Having Supper at Christmas Eve

Family Having Supper at Christmas Eve

Early in the morning everyone was asleep when they heard the most beautiful song they have never heard in their entire life. They woke up to the beautiful singing . They wondered where the song was coming from when they went to the window and saw an orphan child standing with the choir of angels singing a Christmas carol. The child was no longer wearing the tattered clothes but was wearing a very beautiful robe and was surrounded by glowing lights.

The Child in a Beautiful Robe and Glowing Lights

The Child in a Beautiful Robe and Glowing Lights

As the child saw the woodcutter and his family standing and listening to his singing he said:

"I am the Christ child and I have received your kindness and now this is my gift to you". Indian immediately broke a branch from a fir tree and planted it while telling them:

"From this day on this tree shall bear fruit at Christmas and you shall plenty even in cold winter".

As they were standing in listening to this Christ child, this branch grew into a beautiful tree and was covered with golden apples and silver nuts and the poor family was never in need ever again.

We all know that this story is not true but it gives a very important message that when helping a child in distress, our deed will count as if the help was done to Jesus himself. As the Bible always teaches us: "inasmuch as yet have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye I have done it on to me".

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FAQs on Christmas Tree Story - The Legend of Christmas Tree

1. Why do we decorate the Christmas tree?

We decorate the Christmas tree on the eve of a cold Christmas winter night as a tradition to remind ourselves that there is life amid the dark, cold winter nights.  

2. What is the moral of the story?

The moral of the story is that if we help anyone in need, it seems that the help is done to Jesus himself and that will gain us the blessings of God.