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Chicken Licken Story with a Moral

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An Introduction to the Story: The Chicken Licken

Stories are interesting reads for children to get them involved into the concept and enhance their concentration while listening. The chicken licken is an interesting story that tells about a little baby chicken, his mother, and a fox.

Let us get into the complete details of the Chicken Licken story with a moral and read what happens to them.

The Story: Chicken Licken

There was once upon a time a farm. The majority of the farm animals were content. Chicken Licken, on the other hand, was not pleased. Chicken Licken was a little chicken who was afraid of everything.

Chicken Licken went to the forest one day. He came to a standstill near an oak tree.

A little acorn fell from a tree and on Chicken Licken's head. The acorn was unnoticed by Chicken Licken. He raised his eyes to the azure sky. "Oh no!" he exclaimed. "It looks like the sky is falling."

Chicken Licken ran around the tree, circling it. "The sky is falling!" exclaimed the little chick. He cried out, "The sky is falling!" "I have to notify the King about this," Chicken Licken said. He returned to the farmyard in a hurry.

Henny Penny sat near the hen house. Chicken Licken screamed, "Get out of my way!"

"What's the matter?" Henny Penny inquired. Chicken Licken said, "The sky is falling!"

"Oh no!" says the speaker. Henny Penny remarked. "How shall we proceed?"

"I'm going to notify the King," Chicken Licken said.

Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken

Henny Penny replied, "I'll come too."

They raced past the henhouse and... thump! Cocky Locky was knocked out.

"What's the matter?" Cocky Locky inquired.

Chicken Licken exclaimed, "The sky is falling!"

"Oh no!" Cocky Locky said. "How shall we proceed?"

Henny Penny remarked, "We're going to inform the King."

"I'll come with you," Cocky Locky said.

They ran from the farmyard.

They raced by the duck pond. Ducky Lucky was in the water.

Henny Penny and Foxy Loxy

Henny Penny and Foxy Loxy

"What's the matter?" Ducky Lucky questioned.

Chicken Licken cried, "The sky is falling!"

"Oh no!"  Ducky Lucky remarked. "How shall we proceed?"

"We're going to inform the King," Cocky Locky said.

"I'll come with you," Ducky Lucky remarked.

They ran over the bridge. They arrived at an old barn. Goosey Loosey had taken up residence in her nest.

"What's the matter?" Goosey Loosey asked.

Chicken Licken cried, "The sky is falling!"

"Oh no!" said the speaker. Goosey Loosey remarked. "How shall we proceed?"

"We're going to tell the King," Ducky Lucky stated.

"I'll come with you," Goosey Loosey said.

They raced by the barn. They ran into the open field. The ground was being pecked at by Turkey Lurkey.

"What's the matter?" Turkey Lurkey asked.

Chicken Licken cried, "The sky is falling!"

Turkey Lurkey exclaimed, "Oh oh!" "How shall we proceed?"

"We're going to tell the King," Goosey Loosey declared.

"I'll come with you," Turkey Lurkey said.

They raced across the field. They arrived in the forest and met Foxy Loxy soon after.

"What's the matter?" Foxy Loxy inquired.

Chicken Licken cried, "The sky is falling!"

Foxy Loxy was oblivious to the fact that the sky was falling. He remained silent.

"We're going to tell the King," Turkey Lurkey stated.

"I know a shortcut," Foxy Loxy explained.

He led them into the woods and pointed in the direction of a hole. He said, "Down here."

They all went down the hole. Henny Penny inquired, "Is this where the King lives?"

"No," Foxy Loxy replied. "It's the place where I reside." "It's also where I'm going to eat you all!"

"Who will alert the King to the fact that the sky is falling?" Chicken Licken screamed.

"Stupid bird," Foxy Loxy remarked. "It's impossible for the sky to fall."

An acorn landed on Foxy Loxy's head. It went unnoticed by Foxy Loxy. He could only see the sky. He exclaimed, "The sky is falling." He was now scared. He rushed down the tube without looking back and was never seen again.

The acorn had fallen on Foxy Loxy, and the others had seen it. Chicken Licken drew everyone's attention.

They said, "Are you sure the sky fell on your head?"

"Perhaps it was an acorn," Chicken Licken said.

They chased him all the way back to his house.

Moral of the Story

"Do not believe everything you are told.”


Chicken Licken had a nut fall on her head. She was under the impression that the sky was collapsing and dashed to inform her friends. When they learnt the truth about what happened, they felt stupid and foolish for believing Chicken Licken. Hence, it is important that we think wisely before concluding to something impulsively. Also, never accept or follow what others say blindly.

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FAQs on Chicken Licken Story with a Moral

1. Who met Chicken Licken first?

At first, chicken licken met Henny Penny.

2. What did Chicken Licken tell her friends?

Chicken licken told her informed her friends that the sky was falling and that she was going to inform the king about it.