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Fun Story of Quarrelling Vegetable for Kids

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An Introduction to the Vegetable Story

Ayush’s mother bought some vegetables from the market as the next day was Aayush’s birthday and his friends had been invited home for dinner. His mother planned to make some favourite dishes of Aayush such as palak paneer, vegetable pulav, aloo mutter, and halwa of carrot. Aayush’s mother put the vegetables on the table and left to pick up Aayush from the school. The vegetables began chatting among themselves when they saw no one was around. Let’s read the full story to know what they were talking about.


Discussion of Vegetables

Discussion of Vegetables 

The Quarrelling Vegetable Story

In the discussion, every vegetable was considering itself best and giving the reason for it. The potato said with pride that it was best among all the vegetables as it can be boiled, roasted, fried, and mashed to prepare different tasty dishes like samosa, pakoras, vada pav, sandwiches, etc. Listening to this, onion said “In most of the dishes, you can find me as I am an essential ingredient. The dishes of the birthday party can not be made without me.” On hearing this, the carrot declared itself the best as it was the star ingredient of the carrot halwa which was the favourite dish of Aayush’ and will also be served tomorrow. Carrot added further that it can be eaten raw and doesn't need potato and onion. Now it's pea's turn. Peas said that aloo mutter, mutter paneer, mutter pooris, mutter patties, etc. can not be prepared without peas.

The cauliflower was not to be left behind. It said, “I am used to making most of the dishes like tasty gobi parathas, soups, and salads.” Then, the tomato praises itself by saying that it is used in many preparations of dishes such as tasty gravies and sauces and is used in all types of cuisine. Next to this, spinach said that it is the healthiest vegetable and can be used to make different dishes as well. The doctor also suggests eating spinach. Hence, every vegetable was considering themself best and arguing with each other by giving reasons. The coriander was listening to the quarrel of vegetables and at the end finally said, “Hey! I have listened to your discussion and reasons. I think you all are talking right. Every vegetable has some benefits, but that does not mean one vegetable is greater than the other. We should know the fact that we are all an essential part of the human diet”.

Talking Coriander

Talking Coriander

The coriander further said all the vegetables are equal and there should be no discussion of being best. All the vegetables realised their mistake after listening to words of coriander and became friends and apologised to each other. Just then, Aayush returned home with his mother from school. When Aayush saw the vegetables on the table, he became happy because tomorrow his mother was going to make his favourite dishes using all of these vegetables. 


Ayush with his Mother and Vegetables

Ayush with his Mother and Vegetables


The story is very interesting and taught us the importance of each vegetable in our diet. We should try to eat each vegetable in our meal as every vegetable has its own taste and health benefits.

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FAQs on Fun Story of Quarrelling Vegetable for Kids

1. What lesson did you learn from the quarrelling vegetable story?

The lesson that we learned from the quarrelling vegetable story is that all are equally important. The vegetables were arguing with each other among themselves to prove themself better without thinking of the fact of their equal importance in the human diet. Hence, we learned that every vegetable is essentially important and has some nutritional value.

2. How did vegetables stop quarrelling?

Vegetables stopped quarrelling after listening to the words of coriander who said that every vegetable is important for the human diet. Coriander makes them realise their mistake of considering only itself important.