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Story of a Dragon and The Princess for Kids

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The World of Dragons and Magic

Kids love to read about the mystic fictional world of magic and adventures. The love of a magical world not only boosts the imaginative thinking of a child but also encourages kids to be creative. Reading short stories that have magic and adventure is a very fun and engaging way to introduce kids to literature. 

One such kid’s favourite tale is the story of a dragon and the princess. The story depicts the adventures of a young princess who does not fit into the royal family, and a beastly creature whom people expected to be cruel and dangerous. 

Let us look into the story to know what happens to the little princess and the dragon. This article provides the story of a dragon and the princess in a simple and fascinating way. Let us look into the fascinating story.


Dragon and the princess

Dragon and the princess

The Story of a Dragon and the Princess

Once upon a time, there was a Princess who didn't act like one. Her dreadful demeanour always astounded the King and Queen. She had dishevelled hair and dirty attire. She did not like anything in food even. The cook tried his hardest, but he was never able to prepare a dish that the Princess enjoyed.

Unlike the girls of her age, the princess never smiled or played with others. Except when she pulled a cruel joke on the old Knight, no one ever saw her grin. All of the kingdom's mothers and fathers cautioned her children not to be like her.

One day a dragon was spotted creeping inside a mountain tunnel. The parents were terrified and sought assistance from the King and Queen. The royal family also were concerned. They were well aware that dragons enjoy abducting princesses. The old Knight, whose job it was to protect the royal kid, was the most unhappy of all.

This information gave the princess a nefarious notion. "Wouldn't it be fun to see the old Knight battle a dragon?" she wondered. While everyone else was sleeping, the princess crept up to the awful monster's lair on tiptoes.

Within it, however, she discovered a dragon delicately playing the piano. The princess had no idea what to anticipate from the dragon. The dragon, on the other hand, was similarly shocked. The princess had imagined dragons to be fearsome, however, this dragon seemed well-mannered and kind. The princesses were supposed to be gentle and kind, but this princess was not.

The princess was confident that she could outshine the dragon. And, the dragon recognised that it had the potential to be a better princess than the real princess. They both had thought at the same time. They decided to switch their positions. They exchanged handshakes and agreed to switch locations that night.

The royal babysitter was taken aback the very next day when she saw the princess as he did not know it was the dragon who was dressed as the princess. The dragon was dressed in a vivid blue dress. She made a beautiful curtsy. 

The royal couple was ecstatic about the new situation. Life became much more enjoyable after that.

No one seemed to notice the dragon's cruel antics. Except for the Knight, who had to save the Princess whenever the dragon abducted her. Consequently, every one of the country's parents and families told their kids to act like the princess, and they tried their best. However, if they could not, they knew exactly where to go!

Moral of the Story

Short stories like the story of a dragon depict the struggles of the princess and the dragon. The story teaches us the moral lesson that we should not always judge people based on the things we heard from others. As depicted in the story, the dragon was thought to be cruel and violent but when the princess found him contrary to what people believe the dragon was rather humble and kind. 


Short stories like the one mentioned in the article, “ Story of a dragon” are a wonderful way of encouraging the creative thinking of a child. Stories like this can teach literary skills like character assessment, narrative and creative reasoning in a child. A small tip to parents would be to encourage reading as many stories as possible. We hope to have helped in developing curiosity in literature with the story of a dragon and the princess.

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FAQs on Story of a Dragon and The Princess for Kids

1. Who is a knight?

A knight is a royal soldier who serves the royal family to protect and help them. In the story, the knight was an old soldier who was designated to serve the royal princess. He saved the princess every time she went to the dragon’s cave.

2. Why was the princess shocked to see the dragon?

The princess was taught to believe that dragons were fierce monsters who are violent and cruel. But as she saw the dragon in the cave, she found him to be well-mannered and polite. The dragon was playing the piano and too much of his surprise, the dragon found the princess rude and ill-mannered.