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The Golden Goose Story for Kids

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The golden goose story is one of the very famous fables. The story is based around a magical goose that lays golden eggs. As with most kids' stories, the golden goose story also conveys a valuable moral that can be learned as we read the story. Here is a simplified version of the golden goose story that is suitable for kids.

The Golden Goose 

Once upon a time, there used to be a farmer and his wife who dwelt in a town. The farmer and his family were very poor. The farmer used to grow vegetables. He would then go to the town to sell those vegetables and earn a living. One day the farmer decided to save some money, slowly as the day went by, the farmer saved a small sum of money. With the money that he saved he bought a goose.

The farmer and his wife hoped that the goose will lay eggs that they can use for breakfast and can also sell in the town. He took the goose home and built it a nest in which it could lay eggs. When he went to check for eggs the next morning, he lifted the goose, and to his surprise, the goose had laid a golden egg. The farmer informed his wife, they were surprised by the golden egg. They woke up the next day to find another golden egg laid by the goose.

Golden Egg Laid by the Goose

Golden Egg Laid by the Goose

The farmer decided to sell the golden eggs laid by the goose. Happy with the golden eggs, the farmer slowly became wealthy. 

One day, the farmer’s wife said that the golden goose lays only one egg a day, what if there could be a way to collect all the eggs at once. This would mean that they can become richer quickly. The farmer agreed to this, they both decided to cut open the goose to collect all the eggs at once.

They cut the goose but to their surprise, there were no golden eggs inside the goose. The farmer and his wife cried as they realized that they killed the golden goose and now there would not be any golden eggs. They became poor again and regretted their actions.

Farmer and the Wife Crying as the Golden Goose Died

Farmer and the Wife Crying as the Golden Goose Died


The golden goose story teaches us that greed can lead to great loss. If the farmer and his wife were not greedy and had not killed the goose, they would have received several golden eggs and could have lived happily. This story helps kids to understand the importance of moral values like honesty and truth. In conclusion, we would like to give a small tip to parents that they must read as many moral stories to the kid as possible. This can help in the overall development of kids. 

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FAQs on The Golden Goose Story for Kids

1. Why was the goose named a golden goose?

The goose was named golden goose as it laid eggs of gold every day. The farmer had bought the goose in the hope of selling eggs along with vegetables in the market but the goose laid golden eggs. As the eggs were made of gold they were sold at a high price and it helped the farmer to become rich. So they named the goose ‘the golden goose’.

2. Why did the farmer kill the goose?

The farmer killed the golden goose as he and his wife thought that many golden eggs were inside the goose. As they cut open the goose there were no golden eggs and the bird had died. This taught an important lesson to the farmer and his wife that greed is a bad thing and can result in loss.