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The Best Bee Story for Kids

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Story of The Selfish Tree and The Honeybees

Reading Panchatantra tales and bedtime stories are always fun. They teach us valuable lessons. These stories also have colourful illustrations which help us enter into the story and know each of the characters in a better way. Therefore, we have provided a new Panchatantra tale for you today. It is a story about a selfish Peepal tree and a kind Mango tree. Read the entire story to find out what happened when a swarm of honeybees visited the Peepal tree.

Famous Panchatantra Tale of the Mango Tree and The Honeybees

This is one of the most wonderful Panchatantra stories for kids. There was once a Mango tree and a Peepal tree in a jungle. The Mango tree, like its fruits, had a warm heart, whereas the Peepal tree had a cold heart and was very unkind in nature. The Queen of Honey Bees arrived in that jungle with her fellow bees one day. She was amazed by the denseness of the Peepal tree. She chose the Peepal tree as the spot for their nest.

The Honey Bees and the Mango Tree

The Honey Bees and the Mango Tree

Peepal tree, we are new in this jungle," she said to the tree. " Please help us by allowing us to use one of your branches as a shelter." "I don't want somebody taking shed over me," Peepal tree said after listening to the Queen honey bee. " You are free to build your nest elsewhere. I'm not going to let you live here!"

"Brother, you have plenty of space to provide shed to anyone," Mango tree stated as he overheard their conversation. "Why don't you help them if it is bothering you?" "If you care so much for them, why don't you give them shelter?" Peepal tree responded angrily.

The Kind Mango Tree and the Proud Peepal Tree

The Kind Mango Tree and the Proud Peepal Tree

"Sisters, you can make your nest in here," the Mango tree told the Queen of Bees after hearing the Peepal tree's statement. "You'll never have to deal with a problem." The Queen and her fellow bees build their nest inside the Mango tree. They all expressed gratitude to the mango tree for offering shelter.

Two carpenters went into the jungle one day to get some wood. They looked at the mango tree and stopped near it. One of the carpenters remarked, "Wow!" These woods are very beautiful! If we sell them on the market, we'll get twice the typical price." Just then, the fellow carpenter saw the beehive.   "This tree contains a beehive," he continued. "The Bees will not spare us if we cut down this tree. Let's go look for another tree."

They noticed the Peepal tree and decided to take it down because it was denser. Hence, the carpenters started to cut down the tree. As a result of the pain, the Peepal tree began to cry. The Mango tree heard the peepal tree cry and asked the Queen of Bees to safeguard the Peepal tree. "We must protect the Peepal tree.  It is in urgent need of our help. Let's go do something," Queen of Bees instructed the other bees.

The swarm of honeybees attacking the carpenters

The swarm of honeybees attacking the carpenters

The Honeybees all swarmed to the Peepal tree and began stinging the carpenters. "Oh my God!  Where did these bees come from? We last saw them in their hive on a mango tree. Why did they fly in here? ".  The first carpenter yelled out, "Someone save us from the bees!" "We don't have time to talk.  We must flee! Otherwise, our lives will be at risk," the second carpenter suggested. The two carpenters ran quickly to save themselves from the bees. As a result, the Peepal tree was saved from being cut down.

The Peepal Tree and the bees

The Peepal Tree and the bees

The Peepal tree was now extremely ashamed of how he behaved with the honeybees. He apologised for his mistake and thanked the bees for saving his life. To this, they asked them to thank the Mango tree who asked them to save the Peepal tree. On hearing this, the peepal tree promised the Mango tree that he will never again be rude to anyone and will always be kind to others. 

Moral of the Story 

From this story, we learnt that we should never be proud of anything. We should always be kind and helpful to others.

We hope you had a fun time reading this story and learnt a valuable lesson on life. If you want some more interesting stories with pictures and moral lessons, then you find them on our website. 

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FAQs on The Best Bee Story for Kids

1. Why did the honeybees sting the carpenters?

The two carpenters saw the Peepal tree and were surprised to see the denseness of the tree. Hence, they were about to chop down the Peepal tree in order to sell the woods out of it. The Mango tree saw this and ordered the bees to attack the carpenters to save the life of the Peepal tree.

2. Why did the honeybees think the Peepal tree to be selfish?

The honeybees found the Peepal tree to be selfish because he did not offer the honey bees any shelter. He was too proud of his dense branches and refused to help them out. The honey bees, who were new in the forest, were disheartened and decided to look for a shelter somewhere else.