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Fun Short Stories on Trees

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An Introduction to Stories on Trees

There are a lot of stories that are based on trees and especially written for kids. On reading these stories, kids will get to know about the importance of trees in our life. Everyone is aware of the importance of trees and plants. They provide us with food, fresh air, shade, wood and many other things that are important for our lives. In this article, you will learn two stories of trees which are very interesting and see how they are helpful to humans.

The Tree and the Travellers

Once, there was a tree in the middle of dry land with a big trunk and branches. The tree provided shelter to thousands of travellers.

The big Tree with huge branches

The big Tree with huge branches

One day after a long journey, two travellers reached the tree. It was a sunny and hot day. The travellers became happy to see the tree and took rest under it. They slept under the tree and enjoyed the soft breeze and cool shade.

After waking up, one of the travellers became hungry. They were out of food so he looked up at the tree to find if it had any fruit. When he did not find fruit, he started cursing the tree that it is useless and has nothing to feed them. The other traveller told him to stay cool and comforted him but the hungry man continued cursing the tree.

Two travellers and the Tree

Two travellers and the Tree

The tree was listening to the harsh words of the traveller but could not tolerate the cursing words any longer. It said, “You are very ungrateful to me. When you reached here in an exhausted condition in the hot and dry sun, I provided you with a cool and comfortable place to rest and sleep under a cool shade. I saved your life from the hot sun, but you humiliate me with cursing words!” The traveller who was cursing the tree immediately realised his mistake and apologised to the tree.

Tim and His Best Friend

Tim was a boy who visited his grandparents’s house. His grandparents lived in a village. They had a garden. One day, while playing in the garden, he wished to do an experiment with plants. He thought of cutting a baby plant.

Baby plant

Baby plant

When he was about to cut the plant, he heard some noises such as ” whaaaaaaaan..whann…..whaaannn….Please! don’t cut me.”

The boy looked here and there but could not see anyone crying. He again started cutting that plant and crying noises were heard again…”Please, spare me. Please don’t cut me…O please don’t cut me.” Tim was surprised to see a little plant talking. The plant requested Tim not to cut him but Tim said he is doing an experiment so he has to cut him. Then the mother of the baby plant who was nearby said “O please this is my baby don’t cut him. Why are you this cruel to my poor little baby?” Tim said that he was free to do anything with the plants. The mother of the baby plant told Tim that all your favourite fruits and vegetables come from trees. Trees give you the most important thing to survive that is oxygen. Apart from these, trees give you paper, medicine, pencil, house, wood and many more things that are important for the survival of humans. After listening to all this, Tim realised that he was harming something that helps him to survive. He said, ”I will never hurt any tree and will motivate others not to cut trees.” Tim and the baby plant became friends. Tim used to water the plants daily. After growing up, the plant became a tree and gave him fruits and shade. This is how Tim and the baby plant became best friends.

Tim watering the baby plant

Tim watering the baby plant


The above two stories are fun to read for kids. Kids will learn the moral that we should protect trees. They are essential for our existence. If we keep cutting trees, it will be very hard for us to survive.

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FAQs on Fun Short Stories on Trees

1. What lesson do kids learn by reading short stories based on trees?

Reading stories based on trees are important for kids because they learn about the importance of trees. They get to know what trees provide us and how they are helping us in our daily lives.

2. How did Tim and the baby plant become best friends?

When Tim realised the importance of trees and understood that humans are surviving because of trees, he gave up the idea of cutting the baby plant. He watered the plant daily and later when it  became a full-grown tree, it gave him shade and fruits. Thus, Tim and the baby plant became best friends.