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Foolish Bhasmasura: An Indian Mythological Story in English for Kids

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The foolish Bhasmasura story teaches the kids to not be over-ambitious because it can lead to serious consequences. The key takeaways are:

  • Kids will learn to help their friends in trouble.

  • It teaches kids to use their presence of mind and intelligence whenever required.

The Story of Bhasmasura: A Kid’s Story from Indian Mythology

The foolish Bhasmasura is about an asura or demon who wanted to be the most powerful. The story of Bhasmasura revolves around the demon bhasmasura who through severe penance wins the favour of Lord Shiva. His wish is fulfilled by Lord Shiva and Bhasmasura misuses the power that was granted to him by Lord Shiva. The story shows how Lord Shiva is saved by his friend Vishnu. Read the story here and download the free bhasmasura story PDF.

Story of Bhasmasura in English

Once upon a time, there lived in an asura named Bhasmasura. Bhasmasura wanted to be the most powerful asura. He wanted to have great power in comparison to other asuras. Bhasmasura decided to perform severe penance to win Lord Shiva. He thought that once he wins the favour of Lord Shiva, he would get his wish fulfilled from Lord Shiva and become the most powerful asura.

Bhasmasura prayed for a long time. He was absorbed in meditation. Lord Shiva heard Bhasmasura's prayer in Kailash. Using the power of meditation, Lord Shiva came to know that it was Bhasmura who had been praying.

Lord Shiva never differentiated between his devotees, irrespective of whether they were Devas or Asuras. He appeared before his true devotees. Lord Shiva was satisfied and happy with the prayers of Bhasmasura and he appeared before him.

Lord Shiva asked Bhasmasura to open his eyes to appear in front of him. Bhasmasura opened his eyes as he could feel the divine voice flowing through him. The asura saw Lord Shiva before him. He fell on the feet of Lord Shiva. He was very happy as Shiva was finally pleased with the prayers of bhasmasura.

Lord Shiva smiled at Bhasmasura. He asked Bhasmasura, "What do you wish for Bhasmasura?" Bhasmasura replied, "Lord Shiva, I want to be immortal." Shiva denied the wish of Bhasmasura saying that it was against the laws of nature. He told Bhasmasura that every person who is born has to die one day.

Bhasamsura became very sad. He wanted Lord Shiva to make him immortal and invincible. When he looked at Lord Shiva, he realised that no pleading could change the mind of Lord Shiva. Bhasamsura then had an idea and asked Lord Shiva to grant him the power to reduce anybody's body to ashes by touching their head with his hands. Shiva wondered the reason why Bhasmasura asked for such a boon.

Lord Shiva remembered that Bhasmasura had prayed well and He was duty-bound to grant any wish that bhasmasura asked for.

Shiva granted the blessing and fulfilled Bhasmasura's wish. Lord Shiva was unaware of the mistake that He made. Bhasmasura laughed and told Lord Shiva that he was more powerful than Lord Shiva himself. He told Lord Shiva that he could burn Lord Shiva down to ashes if he wanted. Shiva was surprised on hearing this. Bhasmasura told Lord Shiva that he wanted to test his power on Him. He told Shiva that he would place his hand on Lord Shiva to test his power.

Shiva began to run as Bhasmasura came forward towards Him. Shiva also realised that He couldn't take back His words. Shiva would be reduced to ashes if He allowed the asura to touch His head. This would change the entire destiny as that was not supposed to happen.

The only thing that Lord Shiva could do was run away from Bhasmasura. Lord Shiva started running and Bhasmasura who followed him with his stretched hand. Shiva prayed to Lord Vishnu, who was the preserver God,  to help him. Bhasmasura was about to follow him inside the jungle but he stopped. He saw a very beautiful woman who stood in front of him. The woman was so graceful and beautiful that Bhasmasura even forgot for a moment who he was. He stared at the women.

He asked the woman, "Who are you?" The lady frowned at Bhasmasura and said to him, "You don't visit anybody's home and ask them who they are." She told Bhasmasura that he had to tell her who he was. He told the woman that he was Bhasmasura. The woman said to Bhasmasura, "Bhasmasura, now you can ask my name." Bhasmasura asked the beautiful woman who she was. The beautiful woman replied that she was Mohini. He then asked Mohini to marry him.

Mohini laughed and walked away. Bhasmasura followed Mohini and slowly asked everything about herself. Mohini said she used to live in the forest with her parents. She came to the forest to collect some flowers for the puja at her house. Bhasmasura told Mohini that if she would marry him, he would always take care of her and keep her happy.

Mohini looked unhappy. She called Bhasmasura a good-looking man. Bhasamsura wanted to know why Mohini was unhappy. Mohini told Bhasmasura that she was a dancer. When she was young, she made a promise that she would only marry the man who dances along with her. Bhasmasura was shocked and he blinked. He had never danced in his entire life. The demon promised himself to learn how to dance to marry Mohini. Mohini anxiously told Bhasmasura, "Don't worry, I will teach you how to dance. If you follow my steps exactly the way I do, I will become yours and I will marry you". Bhasamsura was ready to learn the dance steps and was ready to follow Mohini's steps.

The two of them started dancing. The demon got better and better at copying the moves of Mohini. Bhasmasura only concentrated on dancing and nothing else. Mohini made a move where she kept her hand on her head. Bhasmusura did the same without even thinking once.

Bhasmasura's power worked for him and he was burned to ashes. While Mohini was looking at the ashes of Bhasmasura, Shiva appeared before her. He thanked Mohini and she replied, "You are welcome! Just think twice before granting anyone's wish". She vanished and Vishnu stood in her place.

Lord Shiva thanked Lord Vishnu for helping him and saving him from Bhasmasura.

Bhasmasura and Mohini dancing

Bhasmasura and Mohini Dancing

Moral of the Story of Bhasmasura

The Bhasmasura Mohini story teaches the kids to use their intelligence whenever required. The kids should not be over ambitious, otherwise they would face unfavourable consequences. Children should also learn to help their friends whenever their friends are in trouble.

True friendship has been depicted in the story between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. In the story, Lord Shiva granted Bhasmasura's wish and gave him a power that was misused by him. Thus, another important lesson from the story is that we should not give power to a person who is not capable of handling that power.

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FAQs on Foolish Bhasmasura: An Indian Mythological Story in English for Kids

1. What did Bhasmasura initially ask from Lord Shiva?

Bhasmasura wanted to become very powerful. He asked Lord Shiva to make him immortal.

2. What did Bhasamsura decide to do after he was granted the desired power by Lord Shiva?

The demon decided to test his power on Lord Shiva's head after he was granted power by Lord Shiva.

3. Who saved Lord Shiva from Bhasmasura?

Lord Vishnu, in the disguise of Mohini, saved Lord Shiva from Bhasmasura.


The foolish Bhasmasura story teaches the kids to not be over-ambitious because it can lead to serious consequences. The key takeaways are:

  • Kids will learn to help their friends in trouble.

  • It teaches kids to use their presence of mind and intelligence whenever required.