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The Finger Story in English for Kids

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Such stories will encourage readers to work together with their friends, instead of being all alone.

They will also learn to make friends and converse openly with people of their age.

Introduction to the Five Finger Story

The world is full of competition, and people want to outsmart each other in every sphere of life. Be it work, business, or athletic competitions, it is all about coming out the winner. But we forget that most things are accomplished best if we stand united. Each of us has unique capabilities that, when combined with others' potentials, create a synergy, and the outcome is much better than individuals working just by themselves.

This funny and enlightening story of fighting fingers is one of the moral stories in English that kids would love to read and also gain insight into teamwork. The story has been part of the English curriculum in many schools and is very popular with kids owing to its engaging narration.

Fighting Finger Summary

We all have five fingers on our hands, and each finger performs some specific duty essential for our everyday lives. But one day all the five fingers started a heated argument on who is the best and most useful of all. The thumb said that it is the strongest as without its hold, one can not write, eat, or do anything. The index finger argued back saying to point to anything you need the index finger. Index finger also boasted about its utility as a powerful tool for speakers to point at people and express their ideas emphatically. 

The middle finger dismissed their arguments by saying that it was the tallest among all and the leader of the finger family. It also pointed out that the other four fingers surround him as its guards, as he is of paramount importance. The ring finger mocked the other three saying it is the one being adorned with a ring, just like a king is honored with a crown. The ring finger contended that being a symbol of romance and love makes it the most valuable finger.

All of them then looked at the little finger with disdain as it was the smallest amongst all of them. The little finger was quiet during all this time and when finally all had finished she said with humility that when a person folds his or her hand to pray to God, it is the little finger that stands in front, or the center with all the other fingers behind it or around it. The little finger (also referred to as kanishtha) also mentioned that despite being in the center, it needs all the other fingers to join it in prayer.

After hearing the modesty of the little finger, all the other fingers felt ashamed and agreed that each finger has its own unique job and each one of them is equally important. When they are united, they can achieve marvelous feats, but just by themselves, they can not perform an excellent job. All the fingers act together as a group or team for playing, building, eating, expressing, learning, communicating, painting, and many other activities that humans perform.

Image of Fighting Finger Story

Image of Fighting Finger Story

The Moral of Fighting Fingers Story

The story of five fingers tells us that there is strength in unity and as the saying goes, divided we fall, united we stand. Also, never undermine anyone even if they appear short in stature because everyone has their specialty, which others might not have. The best way to live is to respect and give importance to everyone and everything around us and never underestimate anyone's potential by looking at their exterior.

Note to Parents

This is an entertaining and beautiful story narrated in an engaging and fun manner, and parents must retain all the elements of this story while discussing it with their kids. The moral of the story is about strength in unity, and they can teach the same by taking examples from their kids' siblings or friends. They must also mention not to underestimate anyone and clarify this concept better with examples from real life.

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FAQs on The Finger Story in English for Kids

1. Why were the five fingers fighting with each other?

Each of the five fingers wanted to establish their own supremacy over others, and that was the reason for their argument. They tried to boast about the importance of the job that they performed and tried belittling jobs of other fingers.

2. How is this story essential as part of children’s curriculum?

Through this story, we teach our children how vital teamwork is and, at the same time, tell them how we need diversity in a group in order to successfully do any job, project, etc. When kids understand the moral of this story, they will not harbor unwanted and unhealthy competition during their student life and even in their careers. This story will also give confidence to those kids who feel they are not as good as others and make them realize their unique strengths and work on them.

3. Why were the fingers ashamed at the end of their argument?

When they mocked the little finger for being small and inconsequential, the finger did not retort but explained to them how each of them is important for a human to perform a task. The other fingers felt ashamed about being pompous and trying to put down the little finger even though the little finger had a significant role in many things, and it also did not put anyone down.