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Nature Short Story for Kids in English

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Such short stories help understand the true value of nature and how important it is to protect it. 

Readers will thoroughly understand how exploiting nature can be harmful for us in the future and the generations to come.

Introduction to the Nature Story

This beautiful passage is one of the simplest and most appealing short stories based on the environment. We, humans, are alive only because of our nature. Still, we continue to exploit it recklessly. We all must know the importance of mother nature and the consequences of troubling it. Therefore, this beautiful Nature story is one of the simplest ways to make kids understand the beauty and the power of nature. The story is about a young boy who got attracted to nature's beauty while playing in the garden and witnessed its power when he tried to change it. In the end, his mother beautifully explains everything about nature and its process. Given below is a summary of the story that will make the concepts more clear.

Nature Short Story Summary in English

On one lovely evening, a young boy was laughing and playing in the garden. He was chasing butterflies as he ran across the beautiful flowers. He also saw a bulky cow who was trying to keep a bug away by swirling her tail. The boy saw different animals like frogs, fish, etc. The child laughed and enjoyed the whole scene a lot. He then saw a small brown squirrel running here and there, he tried to follow it and reached a flower bed. It had beautiful red roses, the boy tried to pick one flower but the thorns plugged his finger. He ran to his mother crying and told her about everything. Listening to this his mother explained that we must not put any sort of harm to nature instead we should help it to grow. The boy learned a new lesson and was very happy.

The Nature Story 

On one splendid evening, when the weather was very pleasant, a boy was playing in the garden. He was running left and right after some beautiful butterflies. He looked around and saw colorful flowers of all shapes and sizes. He then saw a shiny green frog hopping around, he ran after it and reached near a small pond. He saw small golden fishes in the pond. Near the pond, he saw a big black and white cow calmy chewing green grass. The boy noticed a little bug teasing the cow. The cow then swirled its tail back and forth to keep the bug away. Looking at it the boy laughed loudly and said "Wow! Nature is so amazing. It has the power to attract anyone to itself." Suddenly he saw a notorious little squirrel running here and there, he chased after it and reached near a flower bed. The flower bed had beautiful red roses that smelled wonderful. Looking at the rose the boy tried to pick them and got plugged by a thorn. His finger began to bleed and he felt unbearable pain. He immediately ran to his mother crying. The mother asked him" What happened? why are you crying so loudly". The boy replied" I was plucking the beautiful rose but the thorn plugged my fingers." The mother smiled and explained "Dear son, the mistake is yours. You should not pluck flowers. God created them beautifully to witness them, we must not destroy them. You must learn that we should never interrupt the natural process of god. The boy stopped crying and said" I have understood mom, I will never do it again" The mother asked, "Dear son tell me what have you learned today?". The boy explained, "We must save all the living beings on this planet. We should not harm them. Useless interference with nature is dangerous. It may damage the people in the long term."

Visual representation of The Nature story:

The Nature story

Moral of the Nature Short story

The moral of this beautiful story is that we humans must understand and value our nature. We should not exploit it blindly. The life of each and every living being on this earth matters, so we must let them live and not interfere or destroy them for our own sake. We may satisfy ourselves by exploiting nature's present, but it will definitely harm us in the near future. As it is said, "one shall reap what it sows". This is the lesson of the nature short story.

Interesting Facts About Nature

We, humans, are so engaged in our life and recreation that we cut trees blindly, a survey states that around 27,000 trees are cut down each day on earth. Which makes it to 9,855,000 trees in a single year. Even making a single notebook of paper requires around 2-3 average trees. It is also seen that each year the level of oxygen decreases by 0.2 percent, due to the cutting down of trees.

Note to Parents

Nature stories are one of the best stories to tell to your kids during bedtime or while having a walk in the garden. Parents should often take their kids to parks, gardens, or outings in nature. This helps them in bonding with nature at a young age. This would make them feel affectionate toward nature, and they may never harm them.

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FAQs on Nature Short Story for Kids in English

1. Why was the cow swirling her tail?

A little bug was disturbing the cow therefore, she was swirling the tail to scare away the bug.

2. Why is nature so important?

Nature is our source of everything from food to clothes. We completely depend on nature for our needs. Thus it is crucial for humans.

3. How can we protect nature?

We can protect nature by growing trees and beautiful flowers, by feeding the animals and not catching them.


Such short stories help understand the true value of nature and how important it is to protect it. 

Readers will thoroughly understand how exploiting nature can be harmful for us in the future and the generations to come.