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The Pigeon and The Rat - Story of Unity

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An Introduction to the Story

In childhood, it is important to teach children the importance of unity. There are a lot of motivational stories about unity. We should encourage children to read such inspirational stories.

The story of the pigeons and the rat is popular and one of the favourites children's stories about unity.

Unity is Strength Story

Unity is Strength Story

The complete story of the unity of the pigeons and the rat is given below in the article.

The Story of The Pigeon and The Rat

Once upon a time, there lived a group of pigeons on a big tree. A group of rats also lived under the tree. 

The head of the pigeons and the head of the rats were very good friends.

The pigeons used to go in search of food in the daytime and return to the tree at night. 

One day while they were searching for food. One pigeon saw some grains spread on the ground. He shouted,” Look! There are a lot of grains spread on the ground. Come let's eat them.”

The head pigeon felt something fishy as there were no fields nearby. He told everyone not to go down to eat those grains.

But one pigeon said our heads used to doubt everything. We should eat grains. Pigeons did not listen to their heads and went down to eat grains.

As soon as they started eating grains, they found themselves in a net. They started crying for help as it was a trap of a birdcatcher.

Pigeons trapped in the net of a birdcatcher

Pigeons Trapped in the Net of a Birdcatcher

The head was watching all this and said,” You should listen to your head. Now you all are in great trouble.” The head suggested they should fly together as unity has great strength.

Once they started flying together. They flew with the net and came to a safe place with the entire net. The head of the pigeon called his friend the rat and his group.

Pigeons flying together with net

Pigeons Flying Together with Net

The head of the rat and his entire group immediately came for their help and cut the net with their sharp teeth.


The above story is very motivational for kids as well as for older ones. We learn the importance of unity, friendship and advice from seniors. 

These are valuable lessons that a kid should learn in his or her childhood as these moral values will be helpful throughout life.

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FAQs on The Pigeon and The Rat - Story of Unity

1. What lesson did the story of the pigeon and the rat teach?

The story of the pigeons and the rat is very inspiring. We learn very important lessons from this story. We learn the importance of unity. We can achieve any target when we work together in unity. We should always listen to the advice of our elders and seniors.

2. How did pigeons save their lives?

The pigeons saved their lives by flying together. The head of the pigeon told them that unity is very powerful. He advised them to fly together. When pigeons started flying together, they came to a safe place where the head of the rats and his group helped them by cutting the net.