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The Farmer and the Baker Story – Moral Story for Kids

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Kids, you know that you should not cheat on others, right? But what if you do? What happens then? Here, a farmer and a baker will tell you what happens when you cheat on someone. The farmer and the baker story is an inspirational short tale for kids that talks about an important value – cheating.

So, let’s read together to know what happened next in the farmer and the baker's story!

The farmer and the baker story

The farmer and the baker story

The Story of an Honest Farmer and a Cheater Baker

Once upon a time, in a small town, a farmer and a baker did business with each other.  In exchange for 1 Kg of butter that the farmer brought every day, the baker would give the farmer 1 Kg of bread loaf. 

The two did business for quite a long time together, which developed a good bond between them and they became friends.

One day, the baker decided to check the weight of the butter to see if he was getting 1 Kg as promised. When he measured the butter, he found that the farmer was not giving him 1 Kg of butter, it was less than that. This made the baker very angry and he decided to take the farmer to court to get justice.

The Farmer’s Trial

When the farmer appeared before the judge in a court, the judge asked him if he used any machine to measure the butter. The poor farmer replied, “Your Honour, I do not have a proper measuring machine but I do have a scale.” The judge was confused and asked, “How did you weigh your butter then?”

The farmer explained, “Your Honour, every day the baker buys butter from me and I buy bread loaf from him. So, every day when the baker brings his bread loaf, which weighs 1 Kg, I put it on the scale. Then I put the butter on the scale to match the weight of the butter. I give the baker the same weight in butter as he gives me bread loaf. So, it is not my fault. It is actually the baker’s fault.”

The farmer weighed butter with the bread loaf

The farmer weighed butter with the bread loaf

This left the baker shocked. The judge pronounced the baker a cheater and punished him.


Now that you completely read the farmer and the baker story, did you understand what happens when you cheat on someone? It is not good, right? This story will inspire you to always do good to others. If you want to read more such interesting inspirational stories, check out our website. You will be amazed to find a huge collection of other fascinating fairy tales and bedtime stories too!

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FAQs on The Farmer and the Baker Story – Moral Story for Kids

1. Who was the good one in “The Farmer and the Baker Story”?

Although you might think that the farmer gave less amount of butter to the baker, he was actually the innocent one. The baker was the one who cheated on the farmer.

2. Why did the baker take the farmer to court?

When the baker weighed the butter and found it was less than 1 Kg, he thought that the farmer was selling him less butter in exchange for more bread loaf. This made him angry and he dragged the farmer to court. He failed to realise that he was also selling the poor farmer less bread loaf.