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The Chapel Story

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A Curious and Unpredictable Story of Simple Chapel

This is an unusual short story about a very young and innocent girl, Ginnie who went through an extremely difficult situation in her life at a fairly young age. A privileged man committed a serious crime by hurting her and how he got punished in the most unimaginable way.

In this story, you will learn how social status plays an important role and can also act as a major disadvantage. Let us tighten our seat belts and together unravel the story of this brave girl and unlock the twists and turns steadily and gradually.

The Chapel Story

Once upon a time, on a tropical island of Trinidad, Caribbean, lived a twelve-year-old girl, Ginnie Narine who was as pretty as a flower. Her family had come to Trinidad from India for business purposes a few generations earlier. On a regular sunny day, as she was walking lazily by the tall, palm trees she noticed a car pulled up out of nowhere. As she started walking past the car, the black windows suddenly came down, and she heard someone calling out her name.

The Chapel

The Chapel

She turned and witnessed the familiar face of a tall, dark, and well-dressed guy, Ravi Kirjani. He belonged to a privileged, upper-class family and was well known in that area. She knew him as she once overheard her sisters talking highly of his charm.

Ravi asked her what she was up to, to which she replied the chapel. He then mocked her by saying that Hindus should go to temples, as he was aware of her preference for chapel as she was fond of the chapel man, Father Olivier. He then offered her a lift to the chapel, and she accepted.

Ravi drove the car to a restricted, empty sugar field instead of the chapel. Ravi then raped and hurt Ginnie. She did not tell anyone about this incident.

Two weeks later, she heard the news about Ravi marrying a woman, Sunita Moorpalani, belonging to a high-class family. Ginnie felt immense hatred and anger towards Ravi. A few months later, one evening, she attended a family function and was playing with her cousin. The little cousin mocked her body by claiming she was looking very fat. Ginnie then told her mother about the entire incident. They approached a family doctor, and the doctor suggested Ginnie marry someone. Ginnie wanted to keep the child.

Later on, Ginnie confronted Ravi and asked him to marry her. To everyone’s surprise, he accepted it. Kirjani and the Moorpalani both families were on good terms.

Tropical Island, Trinidad, Caribbean

Tropical Island, Trinidad, Caribbean

After a few weeks, the Moorpalani brothers invited Ravi to spend a day at their villa. They all enjoyed themselves, ate delicious food, and had alcohol. As they hit the road, a terrible accident happened, the rear door of the car swung open and Ravi fell out of the car right beneath the wheels of a heavily loaded truck. He immediately died. Everyone went to his cremation ceremony including Ginnie. A few days later, Ginnie gave birth to a baby boy.

Moral of the Story

The Lesson to be learned here is that - you will always get what you give. You can never escape if you have committed a wrong deed, life catches up to all of us. It does not matter how rich, powerful and privileged we are, God always makes us pay for every awful thing we have done. So we should always try to not hurt or harm others, as it may, later on, backfire on us in unexpected ways. And this is the moral of the chapel story.


The story “the chapel” was about a young girl, named Ginnie, and a really dangerous and powerful man, a high class and upper caste young boy named Ravi who sexually abused her, due to which she got pregnant. He was supposed to marry a woman of the upper class but broke it off when Ginnie asked him to marry her. Later on, he died in an accident and Ginnie gave birth to her child which marks the end of the story.

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FAQs on The Chapel Story

1. Why didn't Ginnie’s mother file an FIR?

As Ravi belonged to a powerful and well-known family she did not approach the police as they could have harmed their family.

2. What is the other thing Ginnie could have done?

Ginnie could have shared the incident with her family when it happened to her. Especially to her mother and sisters as they could have helped her more effectively by taking care of her.

3. How could we apply this story in our life?

This story shows us how courage and strength can help us go through any difficult situation in life and how good people always win in life.