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The Story of Ant - The Moral Story of Hard Work for Kids

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The story of ants teaches us persistence and management, but how? This is what matters for all of us. Well, if you look at the ant, she tries to crawl on the wall, sometimes it happens that she falls off disbalance but she keeps on trying and trying. Also, if a team of ants is going somewhere, even if the line breaks, they still manage to find their predecessor and gain their strength. 

The Story of Ant Leadership and Management

The Story of Ant: Leadership and Management

So, what we are able to understand is that ants have a great level of persistence, good communication (which is why their team never breaks), and the way they live with unity. Also, the leader heading them on the path remains the same (which means they don’t have a jealously, which makes a team of ant a successful team).

Now, let us proceed with a story of ants and understand the exact meaning of determination, teamwork, leadership, and management.

The Story of Ant - Teamwork, Determination, and Management

Every day, a small ant used to reach her office early and quickly began working; she was contented with her life. The ant's supervisor, a lion, was the only person to manage all the things on his own and thought that if the ant can create so much without supervision, wouldn't she be able to do a little extra work?

As a result, the lion enlisted the help of a cockroach with significant supervisory experience and a reputation for producing good reports. The first thing the cockroach did was build up a clocking-in mechanism. He also needs the assistance of a secretary to assist him in writing and typing his reports. He hired a spider to look after the archives and keep track of all phone calls.

The lion was so pleased with the report that was presented by the cockroach that the lion requested him to prepare documents analysing process efficiency and patterns so that he might utilise them in committee meetings. As a result, the cockroach had to get a desktop in order to accomplish his task ahead of schedule. The ant, who had earlier been so productive and comfortable, despised the new flurry of documentation and conferences that had taken up far too much of her day.

The lion came to the opinion that it was past time to appoint someone in charge of the ant's department. The cicada was given the job, and his first purchase was a carpet and a comfortable chair for his office. Namya, the new in-charge, also needs a computer and a personal assistant, whom he had acquired from his former department to assist him in developing a work and budget control strategic optimization plan.

The ant's department is now a sad area, where no one laughs anymore and everyone is upset. Namya convinced the boss, the lion, to begin climate research of the office environment at that time. 

After reviewing the responsibilities of operating the ant's division, the lion discovered that production was significantly lower than previously, so he enlisted the help of the owl, a respected and well-known expert, to conduct an assessment and make recommendations. The owl stayed in the department for three months and produced a massive report (in several volumes) concluding that "the department is overstaffed."

Guess who the lion fired first?

The ant of course “Because she showed a lack of motivation and had a negative attitude.

After analyzing the situation, the ant decided to join the office back and despite having a lot, she used a smart approach and find out the best possible solutions to bring a huge profit to the office. Also, she reached the position of a lion (her boss).

We conclude from the above story of ant that one who falls bounces with a greater height. Always be determined to reach your goal.

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FAQs on The Story of Ant - The Moral Story of Hard Work for Kids

1. What lessons can we learn from an ant?

Below are the qualities of ants:

  • Ants never quit

  • They have good leadership skills

  • They have good management skills

  • They have no jealousy, a good team-builder

  • Work in all the seasons

  • Persistence, determination

2. List five facts about ants.

There are around 12, 000 species of ants worldwide.

The bullet ant is assumed to have the most painful sting among all its species.

They are the longest living species in the world.

It is one of the world's strongest creatures in relation to its size.

They have a simple brain containing about 250,000 neurones, unlike humans have 3 billion of neurons.