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Seagull Story for Kids

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The Seagull Who Could Not Fly

Are you ready to read a new story today? Because we are going to tell you a famous bedtime story. It is the story of a seagull named Snowy who was not able to fly. Every day the seagull would look at its brothers and sisters to fly freely in the air. Little snowy always thought to go with them but was too afraid of the height. So kids, what do you think Snowy did? Will little Snowy be able to fly? 

Let us read the complete Seagull story and find out what on our own.

Story of Little Snowy  Seagull ‒ Famous Bedtime Stories

Once upon a time, there lived a little seagull named Snowy. He stayed near the sea along with his parents and siblings. One day, little Snowy was sitting on a cliff and watched his brothers and sisters fly in the sky. He became excited and wanted to try flying too. But little Snowy failed every time and was sad. He jumped and jumped several times but failed every time. His brothers made fun of him as Snowy was unable to fly. He sat there sad and saw his siblings enjoying high up in the sky. His sisters kept calling him to give it another try but little Snowy was just too afraid of the height. He thought that he would easily fall from the cliff and would die. Soon, he saw his mother and walked towards her. When his mother looked at Snowy, she came up with an idea. She quickly spread her wings and flew elegantly into the sky. The mother thought that little Snowy would follow the steps and would imitate her. 

The little seagull who could not fly

The little seagull who could not fly

But once again, little Snowy failed. He was too afraid to jump and take the leap. “I wish I could fly like them”, said the little seagull. He saw all the seagulls flying happily and hunting fish. Snowy was feeling very hungry as he had not eaten anything since the morning. He was so hungry that he even tried eating the hard shells that were lying on the ground. “Eww, these are so horrible and hard. I cannot eat it”, said the little Snowy in disgust. He thought to himself, “Maybe I should try flying once again.” He came forward and stood near the cliff end but quickly stepped back. “The cliff is too high and the sea is too deep. I am definitely going to fall and die”, said Snowy. 

Time went by and the little seagull was feeling very hungry. Soon he saw his mother eating a fish and was saddened again to see his mother not sharing the food with him.  Little Snowy took a deep breath and finally stood near the clip end. He slowly lifted his one leg and thought of flying. Just then his mother came flying towards him with a fish in her mouth. Little Snowy was so happy.

The Hungry Seagull and His Mother

The Hungry Seagull and His Mother

“But wait! Why is mother flying in another direction now?”, said the little seagull as he could see his mother moving away from him. He was so hungry by now that he came too close to the end of the cliff. He stretched his leg in order to catch the fish from his mother. But alas! Little Snowy lost control and fell. He flapped his wings harder to save him from falling into the sea. So, did little Snowy fly?

Yes, little Snowy finally learned to fly. He could see himself flying freely high up in the sky. He was feeling happy and saw his parents feeling so proud of him. His brothers and sisters were cheering for him. But little Snowy was feeling hungry and thought of catching a fish to feed himself. He saw his brothers and tried to land on the sea. But Snowy lost his balance and was almost drowning. He shouted for help but no one came. He called his mother as well as his sisters but no one came forward to help him. Getting no help from his mother and sisters, Snowy tried his best to flap his wings. He tried harder each time and finally he was able to float in the water. He saw everyone clapping and cheering at him. He felt so happy and proud for being able to fly just like his brothers and sisters.

Thus, the seagull story teaches us a very important lesson about perseverance. It teaches us that we should always keep on trying and never give up on anything. Our hard work will always give us fruitful results.

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FAQs on Seagull Story for Kids

1. Why could the seagull not fly?

The little seagull was not able to fly because he was too afraid of the height. Every time he tried to fly, he would give up thinking he would fall down the cliff and die. 

2. What is the moral of the seagull story?

The moral of the beautiful seagull story is that we should never lose hope and give up easily during any situation.