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John the Servant: A Story of Faithfulness

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Short stories about faithfulness explain how one can go to a huge extent to be faithful to someone.

  • This story is about faithfulness, trust and sacrifice.

  • It explains how one should keep the promises one makes.

Faithful John: The Royal Servant

This is an old classic moral story of a faithful servant named John. He promised the dying king that he will take care of the prince and will save his life from all the dangers at any cost. The king also made him promise not to enter a specific room or chaos will happen. What was in that room? Read this story to find out.

The Dying King and Faithful John

The king was on his deathbed. He called John, his most faithful servant and said, “Please take care of the prince. I trust no one but you. Make him a good king. Show him his inheritance but not what is inside the farthest room in the castle. The room has a painting of a beautiful girl. If the prince sees it, he will be in grave danger.”

John agreed and promised. The king died that day. A huge ceremony was held.

The Prince and the Sealed Room

After a month of mourning, he took the prince for a tour of his inheritance. He missed a room. The prince said, “What is in that room?” John said, “I promised your father not to show this room.” The prince insisted repeatedly. John had to open the gate. The moment he opened it, the prince saw a beautiful picture of the most beautiful princess drawn. He immediately fell in love.

The Journey to the Golden Castle

The prince was crowned as the new king. He could not stop thinking of the beautiful princess in the painting. He asked John to make arrangements to sail to the kingdom of the Golden Castle. John made the arrangements. They visited the castle and met the princess. She was more beautiful than her painting. The prince proposed to his love and they got married.

The Prophecy of Bad Luck

As the dying king told, things started to turn out bad. While they were returning, John heard three crows talking. One said, “There will be a horse with an orange mane. If the prince sits on it, it will kick and kill the prince. It can be stopped if someone kills the horse at sight.”

The second crow said, “When they reach, the servants have made a royal dress with gold and silver for the new queen. When she wears it, it will burn her to death. It can be stopped if someone holds it with tongs and throws it in the fire.”

The third crow said, “If the new queen dances in the ceremonial night, she will succumb to death unless someone draws three drops of blood from her chest.”

In the end, all the crows said, “The one who knows all this should not speak or will get transformed into a statue of stone.” John decided to save his prince, no matter what happens to him.

Faithful John heard the crows

Faithful John Heard the Crows

John Turned to Stone

John did everything the crows said but the new king thought he was a betrayer and asked for an explanation. The moment John explained, he turned into a stone statue. The king lamented that he did not trust John and kept his stone statue.

Years passed. The king had one beautiful son and a charming daughter. One day, they were playing beside John’s statue. A crow came into one of the windows and said, “If the two of you hug the statue, it will be alive.”

The children hugged and John was brought back to life. Everyone was happy.

John was brought back to life

John was Brought Back to Life

Moral of the Story of Faithfulness Stories for Kids

Faithfulness is always repaid with great rewards. It is John who went to the highest extent and sacrificed his life for faithfulness and was rewarded in the end.

Tips for Parents

Read more faithfulness stories with inspirational lessons to the children and explain what this trait is. Explain what Drew's faithful feet are and define how one should be faithful and gain others’ trust through their good deeds.

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FAQs on John the Servant: A Story of Faithfulness

1.  Why did John confess in the end?

When John was being accused by the king of betraying him, he told him what the crows had told him. If he had confessed earlier, he would have turned to stone and not saved the king or queen.

2.  Why did John sacrifice himself?

John promised the dying king that he will protect the prince and therefore to keep his promise he saved the prince and his wife and turned them into a statue.

3.  Why did the prince marry the princess?

The prince fell in love with the princess after seeing her picture in the sealed room. He then visited her castle where he married her.


Short stories about faithfulness explain how one can go to a huge extent to be faithful to someone.

  • This story is about faithfulness, trust and sacrifice.

  • It explains how one should keep the promises one makes.