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The Mouse Ghost Stories for Kids

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Why do Kids Love Animal Stories?

For generations, children have been enthralled by animal stories. Animals are frequently depicted in picture books, not just for their 'cute factor' but also because most youngsters can readily connect to them. Young children, like animals, especially domesticated animals, are frequently unable to express their wants and needs in the kindness of caring adult life.

As a result, using animals as characters may provide levity and incongruity to a tale, making it more engaging. However, they provide the reader with some emotional distance, which is vital whether the story's message is personal, sad, or strong.

The Mouse Ghost

This is one of the most entertaining and humorous ghost stories for children. Squeaky was a small mouse who lived in a forest once upon a time. Because he was so little, he was often terrified of the larger creatures. "I'm so tiny, and these creatures are enormous." "What can I do?" pondered the hapless mouse.

Later that night, he discovered an odd cloth near his home. "What is this?" said Squeaky. Squeaky. He pondered for a long time before realising it was a pillow cover used by people. "It appears to be the same pillow cover that people use. I'm not sure how it got here! Oh, I have a brilliant idea! I can have some fun with this," the mouse chuckled.

With that pen, the mouse drew two eyes and lips in a matter of seconds. It was constructed in such a way that it gave the impression of being a ghost. "Now I'm going to have a good time!" he exclaimed. As darkness fell, all of the large animals began to return to their dens. Then there was a rabbit. The rabbit was so terrified after seeing the ghost's shadow that he bolted. The deer soon followed the same course. "Ghost! Ghost!" she said as she spotted the home draped in white fabric. “In the forest, there's a ghost!" This was a lot of fun for the mouse. Even the king of the forest was terrified of him at this point.

All of the large animals avoided that path. But then there was a massive thunderstorm one day. All of the animals were forced to travel that perilous road. All of the trees had fallen, and the rest of the paths were blocked as a result. "I have no choice but to choose this route." "I'm hoping the ghost isn't here," the rabbit said. The rabbit saw the ghost and jumped out of fear.

But, to his amazement, the white fabric flew away, revealing Squeaky inside it. "There was no ghost, then!" "You fooled us all!" shouted the rabbit. All of the animals quickly gathered and chased the mouse. He'd never be able to return to the forest.

The Mouse Ghost

The Mouse Ghost


The Mouse Ghost tells the story of a rat who is scared of all animals. On a windy day, he received a white cloth, which he kept to terrify the other animals. And the moral of the tale is that you can deceive some people all of the time, and all of the people part of the time, but you can't fool everyone all of the time." 

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FAQs on The Mouse Ghost Stories for Kids

1. What is the moral of the mouse ghost story?

The moral of the story is you can fool some people for a certain time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

2. What happened to the mouse after?

The animals gathered immediately and drove the mouse away and the mouse will never be able to go back to the wood again.