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Dinosaur Story for Kids

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A Dinosaur Story for Kids About a Long-Necked Brachiosaurus

Every kid loves dinosaurs! Isn’t it? We have all grown up watching Jurassic Park and Ice Age. These creatures were present on our earth millions of years ago. However, they no longer inhabit the planet. Not a single one of them! When you think of dinosaurs, what is the first image that comes to your mind? Is it a large creature with sharp teeth waiting to eat up all humans and animals? Although there were such scary and ferocious carnivorous dinosaurs, such as the T-Rex or Tyrannosaurus rex, some dinosaurs were herbivores and loved veggies. An example could be Brachiosaurus that loved eating plants and leaves. It had a very long neck like a giraffe and was harmless. Let’s read a story about a little dinosaur that looked like a Brachiosaurus. 

A Brachiosaurus

A Brachiosaurus

Charlie – The Long-necked Dinosaur 

A long time ago, there lived a dinosaur named Charlie who was good and well-behaved with everyone. However, he had a very long neck that he was not happy about. His friends would make fun of him for his long neck which made him feel very sad. One fine day, Charlie’s friend invited him to a house party. He was very excited about it and put on his best suit and bow. 

As Charlie was about to enter his friend’s house, his head bumped against the wall and he could not enter because of his long neck. Everyone started laughing and making fun of him. Charlie’s eyes brimmed with tears and he ran away crying profusely. He ran so fast that he did not realise where he was going. He told himself, “I hate my long neck. It makes me look like a fool. I’ll never be of use to anyone.” Soon, he found himself in the forest and lost his way back home. Tired from all the crying and running, Charlie fell asleep beside a tall tree. 

Charlie eating leaves from the tall trees

Charlie eating leaves from the tall trees

In the morning, Charlie woke up to the sound of someone crying very bitterly. He looked around but could not see any creature. He then asked, “Who is crying? Show yourself!” A quivering voice said, “It’s me! I’m at your feet. Look down!” Charlie bent to see a small plant at his feet with tears in its eyes. On asking the plant why it was crying, the plant said, “I am not able to grow because the tall trees block all the sunlight from reaching me. I too want to grow tall like them. And it’s not just me but many of us.” Charlie felt bad for the plants and thought about how he could help them. Suddenly, he had an idea! He promised the small plants to help them out. Charlie used his long neck to reach the branches of the tall trees and ate up enough leaves to make way for sunlight to reach the ground. He did not, however, eat up all the leaves so that even the tall trees could live. The small plants were so happy that they started singing and rejoicing in the sunlight. They thanked Charlie for his help and became good friends with him. Charlie finally realised that he too can be useful to others and that he should be proud of his good qualities. 


Every individual has some hidden talent and good qualities. Each one is blessed with something special and we must work hard to use our talents to the best of our abilities. Through the story of Charlie, we should learn to never give up or think less of ourselves. We have been made in a certain way for a special purpose and the right people will always appreciate and acknowledge our achievements. So work hard and be good. If you enjoyed reading this dinosaur story for kids, you can visit our website for more animal and moral stories.

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FAQs on Dinosaur Story for Kids

1. Why did Charlie run away crying bitterly from his friend’s party?

Charlie was a good-natured dinosaur with a very long neck. He used to be sad because his friends would make fun of his long neck. When Charlie arrived at his friend’s house to attend the party, his head bumped against the wall and he could not enter through the door because of his long neck. All the people at the party started laughing at him and making fun of him. This made Charlie feel sad and humiliated. Thus, he ran away from the party crying bitterly.

2. How did Charlie help the little plant? What did he learn about himself at the end?

When Charlie came to know about the reason why the little plant was crying, he promised to help it. He used his long neck to reach the branches of the tall trees and ate up just enough leaves so that sunlight could reach the little plants below. In this way, Charlie helped the little plants in receiving sunlight. 

Charlie realised that he too could help others and that his long neck did not make him a fool as he thought.