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Aladdin and Jasmine Story in English for Kids

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Reading greatly impacts a child's development. Children's daily routines should include reading, and parents are in a perfect position to ensure this. Aladdin and Jasmine story is a must read for kids because:

  • Aladdin showed us the value of both good and bad friendships.

  • This story teaches kids that we should not be greedy.

An Introduction to Aladdin and Jasmine Story

Children have always found the highlighted magic lamp amusing, and the Aladdin stories are fascinating. The tale of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine is presented to you in this article. Use the information in this article to retell this timeless classic and draw your child into the world of fantasy. Read on to discover more.

Aladdin and Jasmine Story 

Aladdin had all of his wishes fulfilled ever since he discovered the magic lamp and the genie that resides inside of it. Aladdin and his mother both have a lot of money, a lovely home to live in, the finest clothing, and more food than they could possibly consume.

Aladdin notices the Sultan's daughter, princess Jasmine, one day as he heads to the market. She was waiting for the attendants to bring her through the market while seated in her regal chair. He just had a brief glimpse of the princess before falling in love. He was aware that he would marry this girl only. Aladdin returned home and informed his mother what had happened.

His mother, as soon as she learned about it, approached the Sultan to request his daughter's hand in marriage. The mother of Aladdin was confident that the Sultan would be powerless to refuse.

When the mother enters the palace with a large basket filled with the largest jewels the Sultan has ever seen, he lets her in. The Sultan stated that Aladdin would first have to demonstrate his money and abilities when she told him about the marriage arrangements. The marriage would only be permitted after that.

The Chamberlain, not the Sultan, made the request. “Aladdin must abide by a few requirements to wed my daughter. He will first need to provide 40 slaves to me the next day. Each slave should be assigned a box containing priceless stones. Forty Arab fighters should also accompany the slaves,” he said.

Aladdin's mother returned home; she was a little dejected. She knew that the genie was capable of anything but was unsure whether the genie could assist in this situation. Aladdin seemed unconcerned when she informed him about it. As soon as he rubbed the lamp, the genie emerged. Everything the Sultan requested was immediately available once the genie clapped his hands. The Sultan was shocked to see all of this the following day.

He had never imagined a person could be that wealthy. Sultan was just about to concur when the envious Chamberlain intervened. "Where will the princess reside once she weds?" The Sultan gave it some thinking before turning to Aladdin. "Make sure you construct a lovely palace so my daughter can live there with you after getting married. I won't consent to the wedding till then.”

Aladdin built a beautiful mansion in the forest. The Sultan was finally satisfied with his wishes and decided to wed Princess Jasmine to Aladdin. The wedding was joyfully observed throughout the kingdom. The Sultan was overjoyed to have found his daughter such a wealthy, attractive, and strong husband.

Even days after the wedding, everyone was still talking about it. News also left the kingdom, and there were tales and whispers about Aladdin's good fortune. A strange man who appeared to be a merchant visited the city one day and proceeded to Aladdin's palace. He waited for a while before stepping under a palace window.

He caught sight of the princess standing by the window. He shouted, "Old lamps for new ones," loud enough for the princess to hear. Although Aladdin had not informed the princess that the old lamp in the house was magical, she was aware of its presence. She was likewise ignorant about the genie.

When she learned of the lamp trade offer, she decided to surprise Aladdin. She went to get the old lamp right away. She gave it to the shopkeeper and was given a lovely, brand-new light in return. The merchant rubbed the lamp as soon as he received it, to bring forth the genie.

He gave the genie the order to remove all of Aladdin's treasures and possessions as they emerged. Additionally, he commanded the genie to transport the princess and Aladdin's lovely palace to an unspecified location. Aladdin arrived at his palace in the evening, only to discover that the lamp was nowhere to be found. He was unable to comprehend what had occurred.

Going to the Sultan, he told him what had occurred. Even the Sultan was unable to determine how the palace and his daughter had mysteriously vanished.

Aladdin concluded that terrible magic was to blame for all that had happened at that point. Aladdin started sobbing out of desperation. But then he realised that the magician had also given him a magic ring earlier. The genie appeared when he rubbed the ring.

As soon as everything was back to normal, Aladdin told real-life princess Jasmine everything he knew about the magic lamp, the genie, and the magician. He approached the princess quietly and let her know he was there. She was instructed to smuggle some magic powder into the magician's tea, which he gave her. Aladdin started looking for the lamp, but he had no luck. Finally, he discovered it under the magician's pillow while he dozed. He quickly stroked it after grabbing it, and the genie emerged.

The magician was unable to return, and the two continued to live happily ever after.

Aladdin and Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine Moral 

We can learn several lessons from real-life princess Jasmine and Aladdin. Here are some of the most important lessons:

  • Aladdin and Jasmine both encourage us to be authentic. Do not attempt to change who you are or to become what you think others want you to be. Be the person you were born to be.

  • Always have confidence in yourself, especially when others are doubting and discouraging you. 

Notes to Parents 

When we read a book like “Aladdin and Jasmine”, we immerse ourselves in the narrative. Experiencing the lives of other characters and being able to relate to their emotions enables us to build empathy. Children can then apply this knowledge to empathise with others in the actual world.

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FAQs on Aladdin and Jasmine Story in English for Kids

1. Write a note on the plot summary of the story.

Aladdin forms a bond with the genie and utilises his wish to transform into a prince to win Princess Jasmine's heart. Aladdin must use his cunning to deceive Jafar and save his friends and the Kingdom when he ultimately steals the lamp and grants himself three wishes.

2. What is the main message of the Aladdin and Jasmine Story?

Aladdin and Jasmine both encourage us to be ourselves. Do not attempt to be someone else or conform to what others believe you to be. Embrace your true self. Stay true to yourself and live an honest life.

3. Where did Aladdin find the lamp?

After hours of searching, Aladdin found the lamp under the magician's pillow while he was in deep sleep.


Reading greatly impacts a child's development. Children's daily routines should include reading, and parents are in a perfect position to ensure this. Aladdin and Jasmine story is a must read for kids because:

  • Aladdin showed us the value of both good and bad friendships.

  • This story teaches kids that we should not be greedy.