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Light of My Life, My Dad!!!

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Parents: The Valuable Gift of Lives

Parents are the greatest gift to children. They give us mental strength and the warrior spirit to fight against all difficulties to live the life we want.

Each of us has beautiful stories about our parents that we keep near to our hearts throughout our lives. Here's one such contribution!

When we hear the word "parents," the first thing that comes to mind is "selfless unconditional love." It's incredible that just thinking about someone in our life makes us feel so happy and at ease.

Let us look at a beautiful story of a Dad from this topic.

The Story: Light of my Life, My Dad!

This story is written by one of the very good children, by describing the greatness of his Dad. Let us look at it.

Our parents are the ones who get to know us the best. Because they are the people we see the most and have known the longest, they have the biggest effect on our lives. 

They sacrifice numerous pleasures in order to provide the finest life for their children. 

My father has had a big influence on my life, and I am who I am now because of him.

Most people believe I'm physically and psychologically similar to my father. We have similar mannerisms, facial expressions, mental processes, and a tremendous lot of energy.

We enjoy learning new things, travelling, eating unique and delicious foods, and spending time with our families. I've realised that my father has influenced my life, my decisions, and my personality as a result of witnessing his behaviour and listening to his lectures.

My father is a short, white man who is the sweetest man in the world. He is responsible, friendly, and cheerful, and he never gives up.

He enjoys assisting others with their difficulties because he does not want others to go through what he went through when he needed assistance and no one was available.

My father was born into a wealthy family in his city. In his childhood, he had no unpleasant or traumatic experiences.

When he began to experience financial difficulties, it was a shocking awakening for him, and all of the security he had as a child evaporated suddenly.

Soon, he was preoccupied with paying bills and putting food on the table, but he never gave up hope and continued to work hard to raise his family's standard of living. When I arrived, he decided that moving to Bangalore and starting a business would be the best option.

We moved to another location to continue his work. It took a long time for us to acclimate to our new lives, but we ultimately did. After nearly six years of hard work, my father was finally able to achieve some success.

I would imagine that my father was still with me, even though he was far away. Every day, he'd call me, and as I spoke with him, I'd close my eyes and remember how he'd hug me when he got home from work.

I could still smell his smell wrapped around me, but I wanted to be with him and play with him as we used to when I got home from school every day.

A father, helping his Son’s to walk

A father, helping his Son’s to walk

Although I haven't lived with my parents in six years, I am confident that they will always be there for me when I need them. Life was difficult without them, but despite our difficulties, my family and I never stopped being a family.

My father's ability to enhance the lives of his family has encouraged me to strive for the best in all I do. I believe that if my father was able to attain such a pleasant life with so little, to begin with, I should be able to do so as well because of all the advantages I have above what he had when I was his age.

I believe that if I do not use what he has provided for me, I would be considered lazy and a disappointment to him.

Another way I'm like my father is that we don't let anything get us down, no matter what troubles life throws our way. My father's tale has taught me that there are no excuses for me not to achieve my goals, and I am a very motivated person as a result of him.

Even if my challenges seem overwhelming at times, I never give up. If I work and fight hard enough, my ambition of becoming a successful, independent woman will become a reality.

A father, teaching his kids

A father, teaching his kids

My father is doing well today, and my family is living well. Because of his perseverance and strength, he was able to pull our family off the ground. He is my hero, a man who would never hurt my heart, and I adore him and the family that God has blessed me with. That is something I praise Him for every day.

Parents: The Strong Pillars of Love

There are people like this in everyone's life. And it's a different individual for each and every one of them. It's always been our parents for us! They've been our life's silent, unwavering support, the backbone of our existence.

We’ve thrived in this world free of stress and concern because we always felt safe under the protection of my parents. They never had to go out of their way for us. Even just knowing they were there in the back of our minds was a relaxing balm for all life's ups and downs.

Parents will provide us with the necessary space as we grow up. They will grant us freedom while applying restrictions, allowing us to investigate anything we want while adhering to a code of conduct, and understand anything while maintaining discretion and alertness.

To put it another way, they give us wings to soar and a morally programmed mind to guide me along the right road. They performed it with commanding ease and calmness! We may doubt that we could or would ever be able to provide our children with this kind of composing parenting, at times.


Every individual, just as parents love their children, adores their parents. Furthermore, Dad and Mom are supernatural beings who provide us with a valuable and secure life. Because our parents love to give us what we want when we're kids, we'll prepare to give them what they want when they're older.

In fact, even in their old age, all they want is for us to be happy. No one can ever replace their parents because they are such lovable people. This is one of the many beautiful Dad stories in which everyone can proudly say, "My Dad is My Hero!"

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FAQs on Light of My Life, My Dad!!!

1. How to give back love to parents?

We would be nothing if it weren't for our parents, who cared for us while we were young and helpless. And, as they get older, it's time to repay all of that love and care, especially when they're sick and weak.

We are so preoccupied with our own lives that we neglect to notice our parents' advancing years. And then, when they have a health problem and we realise they are getting older, we are devastated.

That steadfast pillar on which we've relied our entire lives is fraying. That's when we understand we need to be that solid pillar for them to lean on as they move forward in life.

2. Who is the backbone of a family?

A father is the backbone of a family.