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An Online Short Story for Kids

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Online Bedtime Story for Kids

Are you looking for a short and interesting story to narrate to your kids at bedtime? Look no further! We have brought a beautiful bedtime story for your kids that will teach them to be kind and generous to others. This amusing short story online for kids will not only make for a wonderful reading experience but also impart good virtues that remain with them for a long time. We hope you enjoy reading it to your little ones.

An Amusing Story Online for Kids About the Christ Child

On Christmas Eve, a little boy in torn and tattered clothes roamed around the streets. He was hungry and cold. The streets were filled with people and a lot of hustle and bustle. Everyone was buying presents for their family and friends. The aroma of fresh-baked cakes and pies made the little boy’s stomach grumble. He longed for a warm and loving family that would care for him and feed him some delicious food on Christmas.

As he walked past the brightly lit homes, he watched the children laughing and decorating their Christmas trees with different ornaments. He watched the mothers bringing in freshly cooked hot food and the fathers hanging socks. He missed his parents and his home dearly.

The brightly lit houses on Christmas

The Brightly Lit Houses on Christmas

The north winds blew against the poor little boy and made him shiver. He pulled his tattered clothes closer and held himself together as he walked almost barefoot on the frozen ground. The snow had started falling and the little boy decided to knock at the doors of these houses in hopes of finding shelter and food. A man came out from the first house and said, “Sorry boy, there is no room for the likes of you. Go away.” With his head bent low, he walked past a few more houses and saw a little girl playing with a woolly toy at a window. He tapped at the window, hoping the girl would ask him to join. But sadly she said, “Shoo! Go away, dirty boy. Don’t bother us.” 

The poor boy was disheartened after being rejected

The Poor Boy was Disheartened After Being Rejected

Disheartened, the boy walked and walked and reached the end of the street. He then came across a humble house with little decorations and plainly furnished. He peeped through the window to find a mother and her two children sitting by the fireplace. The mother was narrating a Christmas story to them. The little boy took a deep breath and decided to try his luck here. He tapped at the door and the mother looked behind her. She said, “Did you hear the noise? I think someone is at the door. We must quickly bring them in. It is a cold Christmas Eve.” The children rushed to open the door and found the poor little boy shivering at their doorstep. The mother quickly brought a shawl and wrapped it around the child, hugging him tightly.

They sat the boy near the fireplace and rubbed his cold hands and feet. The mother brought some warm soup and fed him. The family was not as rich as those he had already come across but with whatever little they had saved, they managed to make a happy Christmas time for themselves. They could afford very little decorations and presents. The mother had baked only a cake, a pie, and some warm soup. However, the family was content and happy with that. 

The mother went inside to bring some warm clothes for the little boy to dress him up for Christmas. Suddenly, the room filled with bright and dazzling lights. The small house became a very big one and the table was filled with delicious food. Their tiny Christmas tree became a big one and it was surrounded by many presents. The little boy rose and floated in the air wearing a white garment. A golden halo circled his head and his face turned bright and beautiful. He floated straight up into the sky and became a star. The children inquired, “Mummy, was that the Christ Child?” “Yes, my dear! And look how he blessed us for being kind and caring” replied the mother. 

The Christ Child

The Christ Child


Generosity and kindness always pay well, and love and kindness are never wasted. When you share love and food with those in need, God takes care of you. Like in this online story for kids about the Christ Child, when the not-so-rich family showed mercy and kindness towards the Christ Child disguised as a poor little boy, they were blessed with a big house, ample food, and presents. Kids! Remember to be kind and helpful towards the poor and hungry. 

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FAQs on An Online Short Story for Kids

1. What happened when the poor boy knocked at the first two houses?

When the poor little boy knocked on the door of the first house, a man came out and asked him to leave since beggar boys like him were not allowed entrance into that house. After a few more houses when he saw a girl playing with her toy at her window, he tapped at it, seeking shelter but the girl drove him away due to his dirty and unkempt appearance. 

2. What happened when the mother went inside to fetch some clothes for the boy?

When the mother went inside to fetch the boy some new clothes, their room was filled with dazzling light and the boy changed into the Christ Child. He floated above in white garments with a halo around his head. Soon he went up to the sky and became a star. On the other hand, the family was blessed with a bigger house, lots of food, presents, and a big Christmas tree that was decorated beautifully.