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Short Stories on Animals in the Jungle

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Introduction to the Animal Stories

Animal stories for kids attract and spark the interest of their curious minds. Storytelling can be used to teach children about numerous areas of life. While some messages are straightforward and simple to understand, others are more complex and cannot be delivered directly.

Animals enable authors to deliver a dramatic story while maintaining emotional distance, according to science. Let us look at the powerful stories on Animals in this topic.

The Animal Stories

Baby Camel And His Mother

This is a good animal moral story to read with your children. Once upon a time, a baby camel lived with her mother. The baby camel was deep in thought one wonderful day as they lay on the ground. When the mother camel asked what was wrong with her, the baby camel remained silent.

When the baby camel couldn't take it any longer, she inquired, "Why do camels have humps?" the next day. "Well, because we are desert animals, the humps let us store water for several days, so we can survive without water," the mother explained with a smile.

The baby camel and his mother

The Baby Camel and His Mother

"Why do camels have long legs and rounder feet?" the newborn camel inquired. "These are made for walking in the hot desert," the mother responded. The camels' long legs and rounded feet make it easier for them to walk in the desert than anyone else!" "Mother, why do we have long eyelashes?" the inquisitive baby camel asked once more. It hurts my vision at times." "My dear kid, these long, thick eyelashes are your protective shield," Mother camel said proudly. They assist us in protecting our eyes from the sand and wind of the desert."

"Oh, I see," Baby Camel remarked after some thought. What in God's name are we doing here in the Zoo if the hump helps us store water while we're in the desert, the legs are for going through the desert, and these eyelashes protect our eyes from the desert?" Mother camel was speechless this time.

Moral Story of Animals

Your Abilities, Experiences, Knowledge, and Skills are only useful if you are in the Right Place.

The Owl and The Lion

This is one of the best children's jungle animal stories. Once upon a time, the jungle was home to a large, ferocious lion. He bullied every other animal because he was strong. Because of the lion, the animals could no longer dwell in harmony. As a result, they convened a conference to discuss how to stop the lion from disturbing them.

"We have to get rid of this lion!" exclaimed a hare. "I believe we need to select a champion among us to go teach him a lesson," says the group. The animals shouted and cheered, but the tiger refused entry, the elephant whistled, and the rhino read his book. No animal would voluntarily attack a lion.

Until an owl appeared and said, "Do not be afraid, my friends!" "I'll take on the lion!" Some of the animals were pleased. Some people felt the owl was crazy. They accepted because no one else offered. The word got around that the owl would confront the lion at his den the next morning. When the lion learned of the news, he burst out laughing.

The owl and the lion

The Owl and The Lion

As a result, the lion was fully awake at sunrise the next day, waiting for the owl. All of the other animals were present, but the owl was not. The minutes, the hours, and the days passed with no trace of the owl! When the sun began to set and all of the animals began to return home, the owl finally appeared.

The lion shouted, "Why are you so late?" "I'm sorry, Mr. Lion!" said the owl. "However, on my way there, I came across a massive lion and was scared of him." I had to wait till he was asleep before I could come here! Oh, I'm pleased I'm fighting you instead of him!" The lion was stunned by what he was hearing. He wondered aloud, "Is there a lion stronger than me?" He demanded, "Take me to that lion right now."

As a result, the owl led him to a deep well nearby. "He went inside the last time I saw him!" said the owl. Inside the well, the lion crept in and roared as loudly as he could. Naturally, his own reflection shouted back, magnified by the echo. The roar was five times louder this time!

The stupid lion was so terrified that he ran as quickly as he could, never to be seen again. "BEING SMART IS WHAT MAKES US STRONGER!" the owl proved once more.

Moral of the Story

Being smart always makes us stronger.

The Crows and The Oyster

This is one of the better animal stories for kids. Two crows lived near a woodland a long, long time ago. One of them was simple, while the other was cunning. The crafty crow has a habit of tricking the trusting crow. The honest crow, on the other hand, was always willing to assist the cunning crow.

One day, the honest crow was very hungry and was roaming in search of food. On the shore, the bird discovered an oyster. In order to eat the tasty meat inside, he needed to break open the item. He tried over and over, but the oyster refused to open.

The crow and the oyster

The Crow and The Oyster

He then tried to extract the flesh with his large beak, but he was unable to open the shell. He then slammed a stone against the oyster, but it stayed completely shut. The oyster refused to open no matter how hard he tried.

"My dear friend, the oyster will not open the manner you are trying," another smart crow said as he flew by. I suggest that you soar high into the air with the oyster in your beak and then drop it on the rocks below. Only then will it crack open."

The hungry crow was impressed by the concept and decided to follow the advice. The oyster broke open as soon as the crow dropped it from above, as the bird flew up with it. The other smart crow, on the other hand, lifted it up and ate the meat within.

By the time the first crow arrived, all he could see were broken shell pieces. It was the only option available to him.

Moral of the Story

Do not trust people on their face value.


Story on animals is always an interesting topic for kids. They love to see the animals and to know about them. It is also recommended to make them visit the zoo, identify the animals, and relate the stories with those while teaching them.

In addition, they can come to know which animal performs what type of sounds, and how they look.

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FAQs on Short Stories on Animals in the Jungle

1. How to teach children stories on animals?

One of the most essential jobs we can have as parents is to pass on our knowledge to our children. Inanimate objects or animals can sometimes be included in stories to make these lessons more interesting and relatable to children. Animal stories for children are considered to be rich in wisdom that may be communicated in a logical and intelligible manner enabling us to pass on our experiences to our children.

2. How do moral stories impact children’s character development?

Moral stories are an important part of a child's development because they help them develop a strong moral character and teach values. It is stated that a child's mind is highly impressionable, and that whatever ideals you instill in them throughout their youth will remain with them throughout their lives. Reading moral stories improves verbal skills and promotes creativity. Get your hands on an activity box for kids that contains classic moral stories and teaches your children good values through entertaining stories.