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Short Stories on Growing Up

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Introduction to Short Stories on Growing Up

Change is a natural part of life. We experience physical, mental, and other changes as we grow up. At every stage, life also changes. But what matters is how we adapt or change when our lives change. Being a youngster is the most memorable and precious time in anyone's life since there are no worries, no pressures, and nothing is out of the ordinary. In childhood, everyone is carefree and happy to take advantage of every opportunity.

Short Stories on Growing Up

Short Stories on Growing Up

How would you explain growing up? Is it only a matter of growing older, or is it more about being mature and losing the innocence of youth? This is a heavy topic, and literature provides the answer in terms of both what growing up is and how it may occur so fast. These short stories about growing up have something in common after reading them.

The Story - Yes, You Can!

Yes You Can! Story

Yes You Can! Story

Here is one of the short stories on growing up for children.

What do you hope to accomplish in life? Become a teacher so you can influence the lives of other kids? Or a physician who saves lives? Or how about an astronaut who travels through space?

Go for your goals, because, Yes You Can. 

It was a sunny day and the kids were hanging around near the classroom. As soon as the bell rang, everyone took their places.

All of the kids were advised to be prepared for a talk with the teacher, Langa, when she arrived. 

The teacher, Langa, questioned every student in the class about what they wanted to become when they grow up.

yes you can

Yes You Can!

A voice came, "I wish to be a cook!"  Khushi, one of the students from the class said that. “I enjoy helping my mom and also prepare meals at home and bake", he added.

Another voice came from the back, "No! That is a woman's role. At home, only my mother prepares the meals", said one of the students named Nandi.

"Yes, Nandi, he can. Anything you desire to be is possible, "says Professor Langa.

Yes, you can! is chanted by the class.

“I want to build buildings like my dad”, Milani shouted.

A voice objected to her saying, "No you can't, that's unsafe!” It was said by Phathu. Teacher Langa responded, "Yes she can, Phathu, as long as she enjoys it.”

children playing

Yes You Can!

The students cheered, "Yes she can!"

“I want to become a nurse”, Sthelo declares. The entire class starts laughing.

Teacher Langa wondered and asked, “Why does it seem to be so funny, class”!

Then again Nandi responded, "Nurses are girls, ma’am”. Teacher Langa explained that there are male nurses as well.

After the explanation, the teacher asked the class “Now can Sthelo become a nurse”?

"Yes he can!" the class exclaimed.

Then Liyana shouted out loud, "I want to be an artist and create beautiful pictures."

"It is not a  true job, "Khutso remarked while rolling his eyes.

“Liyana, it sounds wonderful to me”, teacher Langa responded. "Is Liyana a talented artist?"

"Yes she can!" shouted the class!

Phathu declares, "I want to be an alarm clock."

yes you can

Yes You Can!

"Huh! What do you all think?” Teacher Langa asked the class.

The class shouted out loud, “Yes you can! Yes, you can!”

Everyone shared with the whole class what they want to be when they grow up but one of the students named Nandi didn't say a word about that. What she aspires to be when she grows up is a secret.

What do you suppose she might become when she grows up?

Moral of the Story

We can therefore conclude that we should always be optimistic, never give up, and have faith in our ability to succeed no matter what the circumstances.


A class full of students is asked by their teacher what they want to become as they grow old. Children being very creative gave many responses. Khushi wanted to become a cook. Milani wanted to build buildings. Sthelo wanted to become a nurse. Liyani wanted to become an artist and funny Phathu wanted to be an alarm clock. 

At first, the students were shocked to listen to their classmates' choice of professions. Teacher Langa however politely told every student that “Yes, you can”. They can choose whatever they want to become in the future.

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FAQs on Short Stories on Growing Up

1. What does growing up in life mean and does one change when they grow up?

Taking on your jobs and responsibilities is a crucial part of growing up. Growing up doesn't mean losing your youth; it means taking the lessons you learned from it and using them to develop yourself as a person and prepare yourself for the challenges of life.

With age, people become outgoing, emotionally secure, agreeable, and attentive. Over time, these changes are frequently noticeable. Although some people could change more than others, everyone is subject to the maturity principle in general.

2. Why is growing up important in one’s life and what is its best aspect?

Your mind is like a blank canvas while you're young, but as you become older, you get to extend and use it in ways you never imagined. Growing up offers you the ability to broaden your horizons, explore the strange and amazing, and inspires you to form your views, opinions, and values.

Being an adult is sometimes just the finest part of being a grownup. Success in both the personal and financial spheres results from maturity, adult freedom, respect from peers, and the satisfaction of working hard to play hard.