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The Magic Story

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Introduction to The Magic Stories

Kids do love magic and they are very fond of such activities. This is one such best story for little kids. The story revolves around a person, named Matthew, who used to read his favorite Kindle, “The Magic Story.”

Let us look at more details about the story and how it ends magically from this topic.

Overview of The Story

This is the best story for young children. Matthew would rush out of school every day and go home as quickly as he could. Then he would sit down and read "The Magic Story," his favourite Kindle book.

However, the book began to light brightly when he began to read it one day. Matthew instantly vanished with a WHOOSH. Matthew landed near a castle with a bump. It looked exactly like the one in the book. He made the decision to visit the castle to see what it has to offer.

The Magic Story

The Magic Story

He met a girl named Goldilocks along the way who welcomed him in for lunch. They shared a large bowl of oatmeal and ate till they were satisfied. When Matthew was completed, he waved goodbye to his friend and returned to the castle.

Matthew then came upon a vicious wolf who began chasing him. He took refuge at the hut of the three small pigs. The wicked wolf attempted but failed, to blow the home down. The wolf couldn't possibly blow the house down while also being too exhausted to chase Matthew.

Matthew came to a bridge quickly. A grumpy, old troll leaped out in front of Matthew as he began to cross. The troll exclaimed, "I'm going to eat you!" The troll was then knocked into the lake by a large billy goat. "Thank you!" Matthew said as he waved goodbye to his new friends.

Matthew then ran past a race's starting line. There was a dozing hare and a tortoise that moved slowly. He finished the race first. The race had been won by Matthew! "The castle can't be far away now," Matthew thought.

Suddenly, a big beanstalk appeared in the middle of the path. The castle was situated on the highest point. Matthew began climbing till he reached the summit of the beanstalk. He couldn't open the castle door since it was too large for him. As a result, he entered via the window.

He saw a wonderful harp playing beautiful music within the castle, as well as a goose that laid golden eggs. He then came to a mysterious door and opened it to see what was inside. He saw a magician there, and the book "The Magic Story" was on the table. The book was given to Matthew by the wizard. The wizard said, "It's time for you to go home," and shot the book Matthew was holding.

Matthew disappeared without a trace. Matthew was united with his family. "It had to be a dream," Matthew thought. Matthew took a seat and began reading his book. The book began to shine once more. "Here we go again," Matthew said with a grin. Matthew vanished just like that!


Matthew is hiding something. He has a magical ability to fix things. Matthew uses his magic to help his family and friends in secret. Later on, he expands his magical good actions by repairing items in his community. Lily, Matthew's friend, has a suspicion. Matthew must choose whether or not to tell her the truth.

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FAQs on The Magic Story

1. Give some names of the stories on Magic?

A few of the story names that are most liked by the children include; The Magic Crown, The Magic Tree, Magic pot, and more.

2. How do you teach stories to kids?

Kids are very interested in listening to stories, especially fantasy ones. We can take some of the interesting stories on the concepts that they like the most and make them involved in the story. By doing it, simultaneously, we can ask them to perform a few activities such as asking them to remember the characters, tell them to write the names on a notebook and more.

In this way, we can teach kids the stories in an interesting way.