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Fox Story for Kids in English

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Introduction to the Fox Story

Short stories like the fox story is a fun way to introduce kids to literature. These short stories not only help in building the vocabulary of kids but also help in teaching them the importance of moral values in our lives. The premise of the story mentioned in the article is based on a fox and a pig. The fox is a strong and brave animal but gets into danger. The story encompasses how the fox deals with the situation and teaches an important lesson to the readers. In the article, we have provided a simplified version of the fox story in simple English. Let us look at the story.

The Fox Story

Once upon a time, in a deep forest lived a strong fox. The fox was known to be a clever animal. One day, he thought of crossing the river in hope of finding food on the banks of the river. He then decided to swim across the river to reach the other side. But the river was very deep and flowing very fast.

As the fox jumped into the river to swim, he got dragged along the flow of the river. He tried and tried to reach the bank, but could not do so as the river had a great flow. The fox soon ended up in a small ditch. He thanked god as he was saved from drowning, but he realised that he was badly injured because of stumbling on the pebbles and rocks. The fox coughed up water from the lungs and remained in the ditch.

Soon some hungry flies flew across the fox. The flies started sucking blood from the body of the fox. As the fox was too injured to remove the flies he stayed in the ditch. As some time passed by, a pig passed through the ditch. The pig saw the fox and felt remorse for the fox.

The pig approached the fox and asked if he could help the fox. The fox replied that there is nothing that the pig can do to help the fox. The pig then offered to remove the flies. Listening to this the fox replied, “My dear pig please do not remove the flies from my body.” 

Fox and A Pig

Fox and A Pig

The pig was shocked to hear this, he asked why the fox refused his help. The fox replied, "As you can see these flies are dripping with blood. They only cause minor discomfort to me. The new ones who take their place will consume all of my blood, making me worse.” 

The pig understood and went on his way. Soon the fox regained his strength and came out of the ditch and went home safely. 


The fox story is a short tale that entails the moral lesson that we must think carefully about the help offered, we might not always need help. The story depicts the critical thinking of the fox, as the fox understood the situation and refused the help offered by the pig. He soon reimagined his strength. If he had accepted the help of the pig, he would have lost more blood. Short stories like the fox story help kids to imbibe the moral lessons of the story. In conclusion, a small tip for parents would be to tell various stories to their kids. This would help kids to learn important lessons as well as widen their vocabulary.

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FAQs on Fox Story for Kids in English

1. Why did the fox refuse the help of the pig?

The fox refused the help of the pig to remove the flies from his body because the flies had already sucked enough blood and were not hurting the fox. But if the pig removed these flies another swarm of flies would soon reach the fox and suck his blood, which would lead to more blood loss and the fox would be in worse condition.

2. How did the fox end up in the ditch?

The fox jumped into the river as he thought he could swim to another side of the river and find some food. But the flow of the river was too strong, stumbling on the rocks and pebbles of the river, the fox was dragged to the ditch because of the river currents.