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A Short Story about Friendship and Love

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Kids love to listen to stories, especially at bedtime right before they go to sleep. By listening to stories, kids create their fantasy worlds and explore their imaginations. Reading stories also enhances their language sense, speaking skills, reading skills, imagination power, and writing skills. They like to read different kinds of stories like fairy tales, stories with morals, etc. Stories about friendship and love are given below.

Kids Listening to Stories

Kids Listening to Stories

Friendship and Love

Kids are attracted to their friends easily as they get good company. They are quite friendly and love to play with friends. They are loveable and they shower love upon their near and dear ones in their own way. The ones who kids are friends with love them wholeheartedly.

A Group of Friends

A Group of Friends

Story of Friendship and Love

Once upon a time, there was a very poor girl, but nobody loved her. The girl lived alone, but she needed to have a friend. After some time, she met a very rich girl who was a very humble person.

They began to talk and soon became very good friends. They were very close friends and had much affection for each other. The poor girl didn't have parents nor a house to sleep in, so the rich girl decided to invite her friend to live in her house as they had a good friendship.

Two Friends

Two Friends

From that moment on, everybody understood that the rich girl had valued her friendship and had shown great affection for her new friend and she was worried about her safety.

The two girls were always together and never argued and lived happily ever after.

Once the rich girl got ill, she suffered from a high fever for long days and thus was admitted to the hospital. She had been suffering from a high fever for a long time. She had got more critical, and doctors said that she is having low haemoglobin in her body and immediately blood needed to be transferred to her body. At that time nobody's blood group matched hers but only the poor girl's blood group matched.

The poor girl didn't even think for a second and gave her blood. Everyone was awed by their love and people were very happy that they had a pure friendship full of love. 

Soon the rich girl was discharged from the hospital and was healthy again. They set an example of true friendship and love, with time their bond became stronger and they enjoyed each other's company. They became more than friends.

Moral of the Story

True friends are the one who always supports and stands by you in any situation.

Importance of Friendship and Love Stories

  • Such stories develop the imagination and creativity of a child

  • It helps kids to learn how to love others

  • Love stories make kids learn that in life we should love all

  • Such stories develop cognitive skills

  • These stories imbibe basic moral values of life in a child

Interesting Facts about Friendship and Love

  • Every friendship is unique and different.

  • Animals can form lifelong friendships with humans.

  • In a lifetime, we make many friends, but only a few last forever.

  • Yellow is known as the synonym for friendship. It is the colour of friendship.


In this era friendship and love is very important and one should make friends. We should have selected friends who are with us, and we should develop love and trust for them. We should never cheat in friendship and love.

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FAQs on A Short Story about Friendship and Love

1. Why do we love our friends?

Friends are some of the most important people in life. We love our friends because they believe in us, love us as we are, inspire us, celebrate our victory and support us when we fail. Friendship positively affects our health by helping us cope with difficulties in life. So we can say friends make us feel happy, so that is why we should love our friends. Friends are an indispensable part of our life, and we should value friendship. A person should give wholeheartedly in a friendship. The essence of friendship is to grow together.

2. Which is the colour of friendship?

Yellow is known as the colour of friendship. Yellow is known as a synonym for friendship. It is meant for someone with a bright and lively personality. This colour stands for the strong bond of friendship and companionship. Kids exchange friendship bands to enjoy the friendship and to make friends feel special. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy. They are also used to represent those feelings that are associated with friendship such as love, delight, warmth, gladness, care, and affection.