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Benefits of Reading Aloud to Older Students

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Know the 9 Benefits of Reading to Your Older Kids

We know that reading to small kids or toddlers is always beneficial. But do you know the benefits of reading aloud to Older Students?

Here we are going to talk about the benefits of reading aloud to Older Students. In these 9 points, you will be definitely convinced of the benefits of reading to older students.

Let us quickly dive into the 9 reasons why you should read aloud to big kids. 

9 Reasons for Reading to Older Kids - Benefits Discussed

A mother reading a book to her daughter.

A mother reading a book to her daughter

1. Helps in Vocabulary Development:

Reading to the older kids includes reading from a higher level of books. From these books, new words are often encountered. Reading the new words to them will help them to understand how it is pronounced and what is their meaning.

Recently, a study has shown that learning new vocabulary helps students to excel in their school.

2. Helps in Improving Comprehension Skills:

Comprehension skills include knowing the story or understanding the vibe of the story. Reading to the older kids will help the kids to understand or analyze the types of characters or they may dig deep into the plot of the story.

You may want to test your older kids by asking them questions like “What do you think will happen next?” “What should be the moral of the story?” “Do you think the character justified his actions well?”

All these will keep them engaging.

3. Creates a Great Bond Between The Parents and The Older Kids:

Want to spend time with your kids or bond with them on the weekends? Why not try reading a good story or novel to them? 

An award-winning novelist named T.C Boyle in a Los Angeles Festival once shared his childhood experience of listening to his mother read. He said he did not learn reading from school, instead it was his mother who read it to him. Further, he shared that now when he reads by himself, he still hears his mother’s voice in his head.

This is how a strong bond is created through reading to the older kids.

4. The Older Kids will Learn Reading Efficiently by Correct Modeling:

Reading to the older kids provides positive modeling in the minds of the kids.

You can also help your kids by modeling what different types of vocabulary are used, the meaning for the same, and analyzing the plot or character. 

5. Listening Skills are Improved:

Listening to what you read to your older kids impacts them greatly and positively.

Listening to you read the tough words will help them nurture their appreciation of the rich English vocabulary. 

6. Read The Difficult Novels:

Your kids might find it very challenging to read the novels of Shakespeare or any other old classics.

But you know those novels will be excellent for their English learning.

Why not read it to them? This will help them to develop interest. So, in a cozy evening read the dramas of Shakespeare or any other old classics in a dramatic tone to help your kids develop an interest in reading.

7. Turning Lectures into Happy Reading:

This is obvious that your older kids will not stand long enough to listen to your lectures on manners or on other issues, at some point they will just turn out or even pay less attention when you start lecturing them.

Try reading the lectures to them!

You will find a wide collection of moral stories or story books on bullying or racism. When you read to them they can understand what the characters face and thus they will gain the understanding via the same.

8. Introduction of New Genres:

You can introduce different types of genres to them.

In this way, it will help them to read different types of books rather than sticking to the comforting ones always.

9. Indulges The Child into Curiosity:

Reading to the older kids will give them space to build their curiosity and the thirst for knowing more. 

These were the 9 reasons why you should read to your older kids as well. Kids of any age require a good relationship with their parents. Reading to them is definitely a No. 1 step to that. If your child faces any reading trouble, this can be understood by a parent much easier. Even your child will be unfiltered about their difficulty.

Also, to the parents, reading will help you relish your good old days as students!

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FAQs on Benefits of Reading Aloud to Older Students

1. Is reading to the older kids the same as reading to the younger ones?


Reading to the older kids includes choosing higher level books and introducing them to difficult vocabularies. While reading the younger kids are more about identification of letters and words. 

2. Name some good reading books for the older kids?

Some good reading books are:

  • Fear Not: Be Strong - By Swami Vivekananda.

  • A Little Book of Happiness - By Ruskin Bond.

  • The Blue Umbrella - By Ruskin Bond.

  • Harry Potter Series.