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The Frog Prince: The Princess and The Frog

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Introduction to The Story

The traditional fairytale "The Frog Prince" tells the story of a prince who is changed into a frog by an evil witch. A very princess had to give him one wish in order to break the spell. Fortunately, the kingdom's youngest princess came to play near the lake every day, giving the frog another chance to become a prince.

Let us look at more details about the story from this article.

The Story: The Fog Prince

There was once upon a time a Princess. Many suitors came to the palace to court her, but it appeared to the Princess that each of them looked at her without really seeing her.

"They act as if a princess is nothing more than her lovely crown and royal gowns," she said to herself.

"Sometimes I wish I was little again," the Princess reflected after one of these encounters. She dug up her childhood favourite ball, the one that sparkled as she threw it high into the sky. She carried the ball into the palace yard and began throwing it higher and higher.

She threw it extremely high one time, and when she went to catch it, she tripped on a tree stump. The ball landed in the royal well and plopped down! She dashed over to get her ball before it fell too far, but she couldn't see it in the water by the time she arrived.

"Oh no!"  "This is terrible!" she mumbled. A little green frog poked its head above the water at that same moment.

"Perhaps I can assist you," the Frog said.

Frog, speaking to the Princess

Frog, speaking to the Princess

"Yes," the Princess replied. "Please get my ball!" says the narrator.

"No problem," the Frog responded. "But first, I'd like to ask you a question."

"What do you mean?" the Princess said.

"Today is for you to spend time with me," the Frog said.

"I'm not sure what that means," the Princess said.

"Just spend some time with me today," the Frog said again.

"All right, fine!" the Princess exclaimed. "Please get my ball now!"

"I'm on it," the Frog declared. He dove down to the bottom of the well. He rose a few moments later, holding the ball high in one hand.

"Thank you," the Princess responded as she took it from him.

She walked away.

The Frog said, "Wait a minute!" "You promised you'd spend some time with me today!"

With a shrug, she said, "I already did." And the Princess returned to the palace by foot.

There was a knock on the door that night over dinner with her family and royal advisers. When the servant opened the door, no one was there. The Frog cleared his throat as he stood low.

Servant, opening the door

Servant, opening the door

"Today, the Princess promised to spend time with me," the Frog exclaimed as loudly as he could. "So here I am."

"Daughter!" said the King from across the table. "Did you, as he claims, pledge to spend time with this Frog?"

"In a way," the Princess said. "Oh well, come on in," she continued after a brief hesitation.

The Frog hopped over to the royal supper table after the servants swiftly placed a fresh place setting for him.

The topic of conversation turned into a source of concern in the kingdom. The royal advisers were confused about what to do.

"If I may, Father," the Princess said. "Perhaps we could – "

"Stop!" said the King, stopping her. "Believe me, I have enough advisers."

"If I may," said the Frog, who was talking for the first time at the table.

The King, Princess, and others at the dining table

The King, Princess, and others at the dining table

"A princess is more than her gorgeous crown and royal gowns."

The Princess locked her eyes on the Frog. How could this little frog, more than anyone else, understand something like that?

The Frog bowed to the Princess after dinner. "You have done exactly what you stated you would do," he said. "I believe it's time for me to leave now."

"No, wait," said the Princess, "it's not that late." "How about a walk across the garden?"

The Frog was delighted. The two of them walked through the royal garden, the Frog jumping along the stone wall so that he and the Princess could talk easily.

They laughed at multiple things. They later admired the vivid rosy reds produced in the sky as the Sun sank.

"You know, being with you tonight was a lot more fun than I expected," the Princess added.

“I had a very good time, too,” said the Frog.

“Who knew?” said the Princess with a laugh. She leaned down over and lightly kissed the Frog on his cheek.

There was a puff of clouds and smoke all at once. The tiny green frog had turned into a handsome prince! Who could blame the Princess for drawing back in surprise? The Prince quickly assured her that everything was fine. Years ago, a bad witch cast a spell on him, forcing him to remain a frog until kissed by a princess.

"Like THAT will ever happen!" the witch said, laughing evilly. But it worked!

The Prince and Princess may now spend more time together. They had a gorgeous ball setting fashioned for them and placed it on their royal dining table years later after they were married. The ball sparkled for all to see when the sunlight flowed in through the palace windows.

Summary of the Story

The Frog Prince is a famous story about a prince who is cursed by an evil witch and turned into a frog. A good princess had to give him one desire in order to break the magic. Fortunately, the kingdom's youngest princess came to play near the lake every day, giving the frog another chance to become a prince.

Moral of the Story

You should never judge anyone at first glance. Instead, try to understand the current situation and act accordingly.

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FAQs on The Frog Prince: The Princess and The Frog

1. Explain how to keep promises from the story?

The importance of honouring your promises is one of the ideas conveyed by this story. The princess is reluctant since she does not find spending time with a frog appealing, but the king pushes. "What thou hast promised, thou must fulfil," her father said.

The girl is obedient only unwillingly. Father clearly knows best, for she would have never found her prince if she hadn't followed her promise. It provides the message to the reader that when you keep your word, nice things happen.

2. What is the moral of the story: The Frog Prince?

The moral of the story is that “Keep your promises in any situation.”