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The Tower of Babel - A Bedtime Short Story for Kids

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An Introduction to The Tower of Babel Story

This story talks about the time when the earth was filled with evil and they wanted to destroy everything. However, in a dark cloud of sadness and agony, there is a hope of silver lining; the same happened in this story as well. While everyone was reeling under destruction, there was a man named Noah and his family who were harmless. Here, Noah and his family are the silver linings around the darkness of evil. After the flood, they settled down. 

You must be wondering what was the reason for destruction and how did it start and settle Noah and his family members? The answer to this question is the story. Now, let us go through the story in detail.

The Tower of Babel Story for Kids

When the pot of pride, anger, thinking evil of others and killing them for fulfilling one’s need overflows, the moment of destruction happens, the same happened in this story.

When everything came back to normal people started living with each other. One day, they all decided to build a tower (a tower of pride) to show how mighty they are, and also to protect themselves from a second flood. They wanted to reach the height of God and become equivalent to him. The common thing among these people was that they all spoke the same language to communicate.

The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel: The Birthplace of Diversity

When God saw this evil activity, He changed the language of the people of the town. Now, due to a lack of communication between them, people got frustrated and stopped building the tower further. In this way, the smart act of God prevented the burgeoning or rising of evil power in the world. If this would have happened, everything would have fallen apart and the stability of the universe would have been impacted as well.

Eventually, the pride of people couldn’t break the power of goodness and hope that God created to keep the world in unison.

In the world of darkness, there is a light of goodness and hope. When all the people, having different languages, parted ways, two Jared brothers still lived near the tower and prayed to God to give them the same language. Seeing the purity in their wishes, God granted them the same language and both brothers were happy to communicate with each other. These people were named Jeradite and they went to America.

Love, gratitude, and unity are what keep people together and when a sin like pride takes over all the good abilities, a human being destroys his own house of love (heart and emotions) and becomes evil, which is what God stopped from happening. God protected them by changing their language and made them free of this sinful activity of becoming equal to him. 

So, the tower of babel story for kids or the tower of pride story teaches us that one should be selfless and live peacefully with others because ‘Unity is Strength’. Love is a powerful factor to keep unity in the universe. When there is unity, there will not be any flood or destruction and when there won’t be a flood, there will not be any need of building a tower. 

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FAQs on The Tower of Babel - A Bedtime Short Story for Kids

1. What is the story about the Tower of Babel?

The story of the Tower of Babel explains the foundations of the multiplicity of languages. God was concerned that humans had been cursed by building the tower of babel to avoid a second flood; so God made them speak different languages. Thus, humans were divided into different language groups which made it hard to understand each other and this led to frustration among them. Hence, they parted their ways and the tower of babel construction remained unfinished forever.

2. Is the story of the tower of babel real?

Yes, this story is in the Bible. It is narrated in Genesis 11:1–9 as an original myth that is meant to explain why the world's people speak different languages. The tower of babel is the world’s first skyscraper and also the symbol of the power and hubris (the fact of somebody being too proud) of the ancient city of Babylon. The expansive building, mentioned in the Bible, has intrigued generation upon generation, although everyone has their own impression of what it once looked like. Historians agree on one thing that the tower was said to reach up to the sky. Herodotus, the Father of History, expresses this symbol of Babylon as an admiration of the world.