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The Night Before Christmas Story for Kids

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Children’s Favourite Night Before Christmas Story

The Night before Christmas is an interesting story. Every year we celebrate Christmas with great joy. There are a lot of stories and songs associated with Christmas.

In this story, St. Nicholas visited a house of a family before Christmas. So, the story is about his visit on Christmas eve. The story is an adaptation of the work of  Clement Clarke Moore.

Read the Night before Christmas Story till the end and enjoy reading.

The Story of Night Before Christmas

There was not even a stirring of the mouse in the house on Christman eve. The Stockings had been hung on the chimney. Everyone was expecting the arrival of St. Nicholas.

Stockings Hung at the Chimney

Stockings Hung at the Chimney

Children were sleeping in their warm beds and dreaming of tasty sugar plums. The mother had tied her handkerchief around her neck and the father had worn his cap on his head.

All were preparing to go to bed but father heard a sudden loud noise. He ran fast towards the window. He opened the window to know the source of the noise.

Father Looking Outside the Window

Father Looking Outside the Window

He saw a bright and shining moon up in the sky. He looked down to search for the cause of the noise. He saw a tiny sleigh with eight tiny reindeer on the lawn. Seeing this father overjoyed with happiness as St. Nicholas had come to visit them.

St. Nicholas with his Sleigh

St. Nicholas with his Sleigh

The little driver of the sleigh was shouting the names of the reindeer with blowing whistles. He commanded them and the carriage flew to the roof of their house.

St. Nicholas came to their house through the chimney. He smiled with twinkling eyes and had a bag of toys on his shoulders. His nose is like a cherry.

The little elf had a round belly and a broad face. He went straight to work without saying a word. He filled the stockings hung at the chimney. He then held the rope and went up through the chimney.

The tiny elf hooped into his sleigh and flew away.


This is how a family gets gifts from St. Nicholas at Christmas eve. The stories of Christmas and Christmas eve are always liked by kids a lot as it is a source of joy for kids. 

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FAQs on The Night Before Christmas Story for Kids

1. Why did the father see outside his window?

When father was going to sleep he heard some noise so he opened his window to know the cause of the noise. But he saw that St. Nicholas was standing there with his reindeer on the lawn in his sleigh. He flew with his sleigh towards his rooftop.

2. How did St. Nicholas enter the house?

St. Nicholas entered the house through a chimney. He put some gifts for everyone in the house in the stockings hung at the chimney. Then he exited the house through the rope hanging from the chimney.