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Five Amazing Stories for Kids to Read

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Five Fantastic Stories for Young Learners

Kids love stories. When a kid listens to a story, he is involved in it as a part. Some stories are comic, some are tragic, some are inspiring, and some are scary. In this article, you will find the five fantastic stories that not only teach you lessons but also added core values to your behaviour. So, waiting for what? Let us read the interesting stories.

1. The Wolf and The Sheep

In a forest, a wolf gets injured. He was unable to move. He was seeking some help. All the animals passing by him offer some food and drink. 

The Wolf and The Sheep

The Wolf and The Sheep

Soon, he was getting well. One day, a ship was passing by him. Wold asks to get some water. He said, “Please get some food. I am thirsty. Also, I need to find solid fresh food. If you give me water, I will have the strength to find food.”

Though the ship was very helpful, he thought if I offered him water, he might attack me. He said to him, “Now, your health allowed you to go near the lake and drink water. Do not ask me to get water for you”, and he went away from that place.

Moral of the Story: You can find the hidden motives of someone by paying attention to his words or gestures. 

2. The Leap at Rhodes

Years ago, a man lived in a village. He visited foreign lands. When he came back, he always shared his experiences by exaggerating the reality he dealt with. One day, when he returned from the city called Rhodes, he was busy sharing experiences. 

He said that he made a leap. It was unbelievable. It was so long that no person could come close to his count. 

The Leap at Rhodes

The Leap at Rhodes

Interrupting him, one of his friends said that we trust what you said. “Suppose this city is Rhodes. Now show us how far you can jump.” his friend added. Listening to this, he got silent and responded with nothing. 

Moral of the Story: Deeds count only, not boasting words.


3. Controlling Anger

Once, there was a little boy. He had a problem getting angry. His parents were always tense about this problem. One day, an idea struck in his father’s mind. He gave him a box of nails. He told his son that whenever you lose your temper, hammer a nail into the fence in the backyard. 

Controlling Anger Story

Controlling Anger Story

The young kid started practising this the very next day. On that day, he hammered more than half nails there. As the day passed, the number of nails hammered by him was gradually decreasing. Sooner his father observed that he got control over anger, and no longer hammered any nails. He again said to pull out a nail each day when you will control your temper. 

In very few days, he pulled out all the nails. Then his father told him, “You did it”. Pointing towards the holes he said, “But, the fence will never be the same again. So, whatever you say in anger, there always remain scars”.

Moral of the Story:  Apology is not sufficient, the wound is always there.

4. The Dog at The Well

In a forest, a mother dog lived with his puppies. There was a lake near the place they lived. Mother dog advised them to never go there. But, one of her puppies is very naughty. He wanted to explore the lake.


The Dog at the Well

The Dog at The Well

He started climbing the mound. From there, he saw the beautiful lake. When he looked down, he saw his reflection. But, he thought there was a dog who imitated him. It made him very angry. 

He jumped into the lake to fight. But, he could not find anything. He started barking. Some fisherman came and rescued him. He went back to his home and never came to the lake again.

Moral of the Story: We must listen to our parents and never defy them.

5. The Bear and Two Friends

A few years ago, two friends went on an adventure in a forest. They promised to stay together if they face any difficulty in life. They enjoyed forest bathing. Suddenly, they hear the sound of a bear who tried to approach them.

The Bear and the Two Friends

The Bear and Two Friends

One of the friends climbs the tree. But, another did not know how to climb. He got very sad and thought about the promise they made. But an idea quickly struck in his mind, and he laid down. When the bear came near him, he pretended to be dead and controlled his breath tightly. 

Bears never touch or eat those who are dead. So, he just smelt him and found him dead (breathless), and went back. Soon after the bear left, the friend came down from the tree and asked, “What did the bear say in your ears?” He replied, “Never believe a false friend and think before making a friend.” 

Moral of the Story: Always keep promises and a friend in need is a friend indeed. 


In these short stories for kids to read, we have learned many important lessons. As many stories teach us the lesson for life, some teach us the way to live life safely and happily. To read more such amazing and inspiring stories, explore our website.

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FAQs on Five Amazing Stories for Kids to Read

1. What does the story of ‘Controlling Anger’ teach?

The story of ‘Controlling Anger’ teaches us to control anger in every situation. The words said in anger can never take aback. An apology can make things normal but never as before. An act of apology is like the stitches made to a body when you put a knife in a man and draw it out. Marks of the stitches or the pain he suffered at that moment can never fade in his life. 

2. What is the moral of the story ‘The Wolf and The Sheep’?

We should pay attention to each act or word used for us. An unwelcoming signal could lead to a big problem in the future. So we must identify the type of signals received and respond to them as per the need. In this story, the sheep made a smart decision and saved his life from the clever wolf.