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Short Story of Princess in English for Kids

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Stories help kids to create their own stories and fantasy world which is essential component of cognitive development. Short story of Princess should be included in your child’s bedtime stories because:

  • This will help in the development of vocabulary , pronunciation, etc.

  • This story involves many emotions like love, honesty, betrayal, etc. It will help kids to navigate their emotions and guide which behaviour are celebrated by others.

Introduction to Short Princess Stories

Stories about princesses and knights are the perfect outlet for kids to widen their horizons and ensure that they immerse themselves into a world of fantastical imaginations. And, what better way to achieve this feat than a collection of short stories of princesses. In this article, we will briefly talk about five short stories, including the tale of the lonesome princess, the princess and the pea, an ordeal of a faithful knight, and much more. All the stories revolve around integrity, honesty, and valor. They help young minds learn a thing or two about living righteous and truthful lives.

Origin of the Story

The short story of the Princess and the Pea was an ideation of Sans Christian Anderson. It was first published in 1835 in Copenhagen, Sweden. Anderson had heard the story during his childhood, and its source material is probably the folk tales of Sweden. It continued to gain popularity to ultimately become a classic. Likewise, we can trace the origin of other short princess stories like The Lonely Princess, the Princess and the Magical Ring, etc, to traditional folk tales. For instance, the tale of the lonesome princess bears great resemblance to the very famous Cinderella, and the Princess and the Faithful Knight has semblance with the Grimms Brothers’ Sleeping Beauty.

Short Story of Princess - Summary

Here we have provided a short summary of all the five short stories of princess. 

  • The Princess and the Magical Ring – Once upon a time, there lived a princess in Norfolk who found a special ring with magical powers. One of the powers of the ring was that the princess could sing like a magical nightingale. Everything was going well, but one day, an evil cast a spell upon the kingdom and everyone was affected except the princess with the magic. No sun, no rain, no winds blew in the kingdom because of the spell. The princess decided to use her special powers to save her kingdom, and kept singing a beautiful melody for a year. Then, after a year everyone sprung back to life but the princess wilted away in the wind.

  • The Princess and the Pea – The story revolves around a young girl with soiled and muddy clothes who knocks on the door of a queen at night. She says that she is stranded in the storm, and needs help. She also claims to be a real princess, but her disheveled appearance failed to convince the queen. Nevertheless, the benevolent queen decided to take her in but she plan to test the princess by burying a pea under a huge stack of mattresses. She then ordered the princess to sleep on the mattresses. The next day, when the princess woke up she complained that she could not sleep properly as something was gnawing at her while sleeping. At that very moment, the queen embraced the young girl and decided to make her the wife of his son, and the heir to her throne. Why do you ask? Because only a real princess could feel the discomfort through a bed of twenty mattresses.

  • The Lonely Princess – It revolves around Princess Isabella and her two snooty sisters – Rose and Julietta – from the kingdom of Glora. Young Isabella was a shy, and naïve girl who loved playing with toys. She dressed in simple clothes and kept to herself, making her a subject of her sisters’ mockery. One day, the prince of the nearby kingdom had informed that he would visit Glora to find a bride for himself. Both Rose and Julietta were eager and excited. Upon his arrival, Prince Geoffrey was smitten by Isabella’s child-like wonder and the authenticity in her personality. He asked for a hand of friendship from Isabella, and ignored her two haughty sisters.

  • The Princess and the Faithful Knight – The story revolves around a princess whose beauty was so enthralling that it became the talk of the town. One day, a prince came up to her, and they fell in love. The couple was happy, and had gone out into the wilderness one day. The prince told the princess to bring the rarest flower from the forest as a proof of her love. The princess took the challenge head on, and saw the enchanting Scarlet Rose. She decided that she would present the flower to her lover. However, just when she touched the flower she fell into a deep slumber. The prince came to her and saw her in sleep. He was, in fact, a shrewd man who had devised the plan to steal her riches. The princess was soon found by some countryfolks, and taken to her father – the king, who was beset with grief. The king declared that anyone who would wait by the princess until she woke up would become the next king. Many suitors came but the princess slept unaware. As days passed, the princess’ beauty faded and the huddle of suitors reduced. However, one knight never gave up and continued to wait for the princess to wake. After years of waiting, the princess finally woke up. Everyone was overjoyed. The knight and the princess married to live happily ever after.

  • Princess Rose and the Golden Bird – The protagonist of the story is a beautiful princess named Rose with thick, long, hair. Every evening, she would sit in the balcony of her palace with a golden bird and sing beautiful melodies that would put the entire kingdom to sleep. But, one day, an envious witch cast a spell and turned the princess’ hair into black. That evening, when Rose sang her melody, the kingdom did not sleep, but rather had nightmares. The golden bird with whom she sang her music told her to wash her hair with rose, and that is what she did. And viola, her hair turned red again. But, the jealous witch returned to curse her again, and this time she also destroyed all the roses from the kingdom. Princess Rose felt devastated and began crying. Then, a prince appeared with a strand of red hair. When the princess’ tears touched the hair strand, a red flower appeared, and the princess was able to make her hair red again. The prince then revealed that during their children, he and Rose had exchanged a strand of hair as a sign of loyalty.

A graphical representation of the Princess and the Pea story

A Graphical Representation of the Princess and the Pea Story

Moral of the Story of Princess 

The moral of the tale of the Lonely Princess is that we should always be true and honest with ourselves, and not change for others. For example, Princess Isabella, despite feeling lonely and being mocked at by her sisters, continued doing what she liked. And, it was her strength of character that drew Prince Geoffrey towards her. Likewise, the moral of the Princess and the Pea story is that one can never hide their identity, as it will come to the surface one or the day. The distressed princess slept on a bed of seven mattresses, and could still feel the pinch of the tiny pea below. She could clear the test set by the queen, and the fact that clothes were soiled and muddy did not matter. The story of the Princess and the Magical Ring illustrates the importance of sacrificing something for the greater good. Lastly, the tale of the valiant knight and that of the red-haired princess teach us about being brave, kind, and loyal.

Note to Parents 

The short story of princess and knights provides an excellent learning opportunity for children. They also enable young kids to improve their vocabulary, learn historical concepts, enhance their pronunciations, and much more. In addition, such stories also foster the development of children’s moral compass, and strengthen their emotional intelligence. Therefore, parents and teachers should go the extra mile to encourage children to regularly read stories of princesses and knights.

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FAQs on Short Story of Princess in English for Kids

1. Why did Isabella’s sisters mock her?

Isabella’s sisters mocked her due to her simple appearance, and her fascination in playing with toys.

2. Who helped Princess Rose gain back her red hair?

Both the golden bird and the prince, helped Princess Rosa to get back her red hair.

3. Why did the queen from ‘The Princess and the Pea’ story want to see if the princess was a real one?

The queen had seen many young women come to her feigning as princesses, but they were regular citizens. Therefore, she did not want to be deceived this time, and devised a plan to test out the princess.


Stories help kids to create their own stories and fantasy world which is essential component of cognitive development. Short story of Princess should be included in your child’s bedtime stories because:

  • This will help in the development of vocabulary , pronunciation, etc.

  • This story involves many emotions like love, honesty, betrayal, etc. It will help kids to navigate their emotions and guide which behaviour are celebrated by others.