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Amazing Stick Man Story for Kids

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What is the Stick Man Story?

Stick Man is a children's book written by former Children's Laureate Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler about an anthropomorphic wooden stick who becomes separated from his family and embarks on an Odyssey-like journey to find his way back. As a result of his connection with Father Christmas, he is eventually reunited with his family in the "family tree." It takes place in the United Kingdom.

Let us look at the complete story of the Stick Man.

Story of the Stick Man

This is a children's story about Stick Man. Stick Man and Stick Lady shared a family tree. They were the parents of three stick children.

He got up early one day and went for a jog. A dog spotted him while jogging and began chasing him. "It's a stick!" "I'll fetch it, drop it, and play with it all day," the dog barked. "I'm not a stick," he said. "Why aren't you able to see? "I'm a Stick Man, and I want to return to my family tree," the Stick Man cried. "Dogs must be kept on the lead!" was written on a notice board. The game finally ended, and Stick Man was set free. With a hop and a whirl, he made his way home.

The Stick Man Story

The Stick Man Story

Stick Man had not returned home in a long time. Winter had arrived. It was picked up by a young boy wearing a nice woolly scarf. He laughed and said, "An arm for my snowman!" "I'm not an arm!" exclaims the Stick Man. Is it true that nobody can see? Stick Man is my name. He sighed, "Will I ever get to the family tree?" Stick Man was lonely and sad. He'd been confused. It was cold and he was covered in frost. Stick Man's eyes began to close as he grew tired. He stretched and yawned before falling asleep.

It was the night before Christmas! The wonderful singing choir and the jingle of the bells were lost on him. "Here's a good stick for the fire!" said a voice. Stick Man, on the other hand, was asleep. He dreamed of his children and Stick Lady Love while sleeping. He was startled awake when he heard someone yelling for aid. "Ho, Ho, Ho! I'm in a bind! Get me out!" shouted a voice. "A Stuck Man!  Who could it be? Don't be worried! 'I'll set you free," Stick Man told him.

Stick Man ultimately succeeded with a scratch and a poke, as well as a lot of effort. Santa Claus was the one who thumped! "Stick Man, you're a great friend!" "Thank you for saving my life," Santa expressed his gratitude. Stick Man then assisted Santa in delivering the gifts to the sleeping girls and boys.

They flew through the snow faster and faster until Santa said, "Only one chimney to go!  "Ho, Ho, Ho!"  Stick Lady and her children had gone missing, and Stick Man was nowhere to be found. Without their Stick Dad, Christmas wouldn't be the same. They suddenly heard a clattering noise. The kids cried, "Someone is tumbling, Stick Mom!"

It was Stick Man, and he opted to stay put in a family tree with his Stick Lady Love and his children. Stick Man's Christmas wish was granted, and he had the happiest Christmas ever. Santa also gave each of his children a toy of their choice.


Stick Man lives with his Stick Lady Love and their three small sticks, and he is a very lucky stick. However, one day he goes for a jog and finds entangled in a series of dangerous events. He is converted into a dog toy, a pooh stick, nesting material, and even firewood. But, later he was granted a Christmas gift and reunited with his family. 

Moral of the Story

This story teaches us that patience and perseverance help to get to the goal. 

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FAQs on Amazing Stick Man Story for Kids

1. What does Father Christmas have to say about Stick Man?

Father Christmas acknowledged Stick Man as his friend, and helped him to reunite with his family. 

2. What do you learn from the story “The Stick Man”?

We learn that patience and perseverance help to get to the goal. As the stick man went through different life cycles such as a dog toy, a pooh stick, nesting material, and even firewood, he believed himself and his God that one day he would reunite with his family.