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Short Story on Wolf for Kids

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The Fox and the Wolf Story with Moral

Have you heard about the famous wolf and the fox story? If not, then be ready to read a new story on wolf and the fox. It is a story about a cunning fox who always used the wolf for his own benefit. This story of the wolf and the fox will help you understand an important life lesson and will teach you how we should always be loyal to everyone. 

So, are you ready for your story-telling time with us? 

Story of Wolf and the Fox with Pictures

Once upon a time, a fox and a wolf lived in a forest. They were great friends. But, the fox was overly dependent on the wolf and barely helped the wolf with anything. When the wolf went hunting, the fox would always accompany him. "Let the wolf hunt," the fox thought, "and I'll sneak away with half of the food that he hunts."

The fox and the wolf story

The Fox and the Wolf Story

The fox followed the wolf wherever he went and ate all the food for free without doing any hard work. The wolf soon realised that his friend was fooling him. As a result, the wolf began to avoid his companion. The wolf would go hunting alone without informing the fox. One day, he said to himself, "The fox is not a nice friend." "He takes advantage of me for his own gain." I'm going to stay away from him from now on. After all, a fox's nature is always known to be cunning and deceiving." As winter approached, the wolf began hunting and storing his meat as preparation for the long winter ahead. "During the winter, all of the animals would remain in their shelters; I should store as much food as possible. Otherwise, I'll starve to death.”

As time went by, the wolf started to hunt his prey all alone and worked really hard. The fox, on the other hand, did nothing since he assumed the wolf would take him hunting. He said, "I'll wait till my friend goes hunting." "It'll be a lot simpler for me." It's only a matter of following the wolf and eating with him." Even though the fox was using his friend for his own benefit, he felt sad thinking about it.

When the wolf failed to contact the fox after several days, the fox went in search of the wolf. "I'm curious as to what he's been up to", thought the fox. " I've managed to survive on very little food, but some nice meat would be welcome." The fox came to the wolf's cave searching for him and realised that he couldn't just walk directly into the wolf's cave and inquire the wolf why he hadn't been hunting. As a result, the fox acted smart and feigned to be worried about the wolf. "How are you, Wolf, my dear friend?" "It's been a long time since I've seen you," the fox remarked. The fox quickly peeked inside the cave while pretending to be concerned.

The selfish fox visits the wolf’s cave

The Selfish Fox visits the Wolf’s cave

When the fox looked inside, he noticed the massive pile of meat that was collected by the wolf. "No friend," the wolf coughed, "I've been sick for a while." Once I feel better, I'll come to find you." The fox went after asking the wolf to feel better. "I'm glad he went," the wolf said quietly to himself. "I don't want to be friends with someone who is selfish!"

"So he'll ignore me and go hunting without me?" The fox wondered without thinking why the wolf acted in this manner. "I will take my revenge on the wolf. He will have to pay for his behaviour." The fox went off to a shepherd and brought the shepherd to the wolf's den. The wolf had now killed a large number of the shepherd's sheep because they were easy prey, and the shepherd was furious. As a result, the shepherd beat the wolf to death.

He took the wolf's fur home, saying, "Now you won't be killing my sheep!"

The fox who saw everything was filled with joy. "This is what you get for being rude to me!" he exclaimed, jumping and bouncing with delight. " And now that you're dead, I'm going to eat all the flesh!" Even now, the fox was unaware of what he had done, and it was clear that the selfish fox would never be aware of his actions. 

While the fox was laughing at the condition of the wolf, a hunter came by and caught the fox. He killed the fox immediately.  “I will get a good amount of money from this fur,” he remarked and took the fox’s fur with him. At last, the cunning fox was punished by God for betraying his friend.

Moral of the Fox and the Wolf Story

So, what does this story teach us? It teaches us a very important lesson on loyalty. We should never be like the evil fox who used the wolf for his own needs. We should always be loyal to each other and should never betray them. 

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FAQs on Short Story on Wolf for Kids

1. Why did the wolf think the fox to be selfish?

The wolf wanted to stay away from the fox and found him selfish because he always used the wolf for his own benefit. He never did any hard work and followed the wolf everywhere to eat all his food. 

2. Why did the shepherd kill the wolf?

The shepherd killed the wolf because he was told by the cunning fox that all his sheep were killed by the wolf. The fox lied to the shepherd because he wanted to take revenge on the wolf for being rude to him. Therefore, when the fox told the shepherd about the wolf, he became furious and killed the wolf immediately.