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The Headless Horseman Story for Kids

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An Introduction to The Headless Horseman Story

The Headless Horseman is a story of a ghost rider in New York. He used to roam near the roads of a town Tarrytown in New York.

It is said about the headless man that he was actually a German Mercenary who was hired by the British during War. He lost his head in the war. His corpse was buried in a graveyard near Tarrytown.

Read the full Headless Horseman Story to know what happened at the end. 

Full Story of Headless Horse Rider

A Dutchman left a tavern on a cold and moonless night in New York. He walked carrying a lantern in his hand through a path by a graveyard of Sleepy Hollow.

In this graveyard, a headless Hessian soldier was buried.

Graveyard in the moonless night

Graveyard in the Moonless Night

When Dutchman reached near to the graveyard, he became scared because he had heard rumours about that place in the tavern that a galloping ghost used to haunt the cemetery.

He started walking slowly and kept talking to himself to overcome his fear.

He saw a light and a white mist was rising in the graveyard. Then a headless horseman came out from a grave that had no name.

Headless Horseman coming out of a grave

Headless Horseman Coming out of a Grave

The headless rider came towards the Dutchman at full speed. The Dutchman ran very fast to save his life. He ran towards the bridge because he knew that ghosts and spirits can not cross running water.

He hid in the bushes and saw that the headless rider was wearing the uniform of the Hessian commander. He ran to his home when the headless horseman disappeared.

He told his wife about what happened to him. Everyone knew about the story the next day in Tarrytown.

Some people believed that the ghost rider was a Hessian commander while some had different opinions. Some believed that the commander was searching for his head.

The exact reason for horseman roaming became a mystery and he continues to roam near Tarrytown till day.


Kids sometimes like to read and listen to horror stories. The headless horseman story is a very famous horror story. It incorporates adventure along with horror.

The above article provides the full story of a Dutchman and a headless horseman. To read more such stories, explore our website. 

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FAQs on The Headless Horseman Story for Kids

1. What rumours were spread in Tarrytown about the headless horseman?

There were rumours spread in Tarrytown that a Hessian Commander used to come out of his grave at night and search for his head. So people do not pass from the streets where he used to roam at night.

2. How did the Dutchman save himself from the headless horseman?

When a Dutchman saw a headless rider coming towards him he ran very fast from his grave. He had heard that spirits and ghosts were not able to pass running water so he ran towards the bridge and hid there in the bushes until the headless horseman disappeared.