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The Magic Mirror - Fairytale Bedtime Story for Kids

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Introduction to Magic Mirror Story

Magic Mirror is a story about a king choosing a worthy queen for himself through the help of a barber's magic mirror. This story is about loyalty and having faith in yourself. The magic mirror is a fairy tale story, also known as a wonder tale, magic tale, fairy story, or Märchen, is a short European folklore. Dwarves, dragons, elves, fairies, giants, gnomes, goblins, griffins, mermaids, talking animals, trolls, unicorns, or witches are common characters in such stories, as well as are magic or enchantments. 

Let's read the magic mirror fairy tale of a king.

The Magic Mirror

The king of the kingdom of Granada was ready to marry, and it was announced throughout the kingdom. He was looking to marry the most deserving woman in the nation. The news was first shared with the court barber, then with the night watchmen, and last with all of the elderly ladies who sold fruit and cloth at the market.

The court barber informed all of his clients, who then informed all of their acquaintances. The night watchmen yelled the news so loudly that all the young girls were awakened by the joyful news. During the day, the old women merchants would continuously remind the young ladies of the king's decision to marry.

"How will the king pick a wife?" everyone wondered. "I'm afraid I'll have a lot of problems finding a worthy woman," the barber answered.

"What are you talking about?" they inquired. "What do you have to do with the king's search for a wife?"

He stated, "I am the one man closest to the monarch." "I also have a magical mirror," he added. “If any lady with a tainted heart looks into my mirror, she will see traces of her dishonest nature in her reflection."

"Is staring into your mirror one of the requirements for marrying the king?" everyone wondered. "That is the only condition," the barber answered, with his thumbs in the armholds of his waistcoat and a knowing expression on his face.

"Is there an age limit?" they inquired. 

"Any lady over the age of 18 is eligible," the barber explained.

"Then every woman in Granada will be lining up for the opportunity to be queen!" the ladies said.

"That is true," he answered, "but each woman will have to look in the mirror with me by her side."

The one requirement for those who wanted to be Queen of Granada was that they had to share it with the rest of the country. Many women laughed, but none of them approached the barber to have a look in the mirror.

Days and weeks passed. The king was still looking for a wife. Some females tried to persuade their friends to appear in front of the mirror, but none were bold enough to do so.

Since the king was a very attractive man who was adored by all of his subjects for his numerous qualities, it was astonishing that none of the kingdom's attractive ladies would even consider becoming his bride.

There were several justifications and explanations made. Some had already made plans to marry. Others claimed they were too self-conscious to go into the barber’s shop. Others informed their pals that they had made the decision to remain single.

The king would ask the barber every morning if any young lady had come forward to look in the mirror, but the answer was always the same - that many people watched his shop to see if others walked inside, but no one had been bold enough to come in herself.

The monarch said, "Ah, Granada, Granada!" "Doesn't there seem to be any maidens in this land who would like to be my bride?" In other countries, monarchs have no problem obtaining a suitable young bride. What is going on with me?

"Barber!" said the king, "You shall get for me a woman as dazzling as the sun, as pure as dew, and as good as gold - one who will not be scared to gaze into your magical mirror!"

"Your Majesty," the barber answered, "there is just one chance." There is a lonely shepherd girl who lives alone on a remote hillside. She might be bold enough to gaze in the mirror, but would you marry a lady from such humble beginnings?"

The king said, "Bid her come. Let the shepherd girl gaze in the mirror in front of my convened court after you have informed her what will happen if she dares to look."

The young woman was soon dragged to court by the barber. The entire kingdom flocked to the royal hall to behold the brave and proud girl who dared to look into the magical mirror. The girl felt quite shy as she entered the royal hall since she was surrounded by so many attractive men and women. The monarch was enthralled by her looks and greeted her warmly. He reminded her that she would have to look into the magical mirror if she wanted to be his wife. The mirror would reflect as many dark stains on its surface as there were in her past if she had done something dishonest that showed a lack of virtue.

The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror

"Everyone makes errors, and I am no exception," the young lady said. With my flock, I've made blunders. But they must forgive me since they allow me to take care of them over and over again every day. They flock to me for protection when they believe the danger is approaching. I adore my sheep and do everything in my power to care for them. With all due respect, sir, I am not very interested in being a queen. But I have no qualms about peering into that enchanted glass."

After saying this, she stepped over to the mirror and looked in it, somewhat flushing at the sight of her own reflection. The women of the court encircled her. They seized the miraculous mirror from her and passed it from one lady to the next when they noticed there were no stains on its surface. They yelled, "Take a look! There's no magic in this mirror; it's all a ruse!"

The king, on the other hand, stated, "You have only yourself to thank, ladies. You would not have been terrified to look in the mirror if you were as secure in yourself as this young girl, who is now going to be my queen."


Magic Mirror is all about a king finding a queen for himself with the help of a barber's magic mirror. In this story, we learn that we are devoted when we are faithful, and tell the truth at all times. If you enjoyed reading the story, head to our website and explore the huge collection of stories and poems.

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FAQs on The Magic Mirror - Fairytale Bedtime Story for Kids

1. What is the tale behind the magical mirror?

This is a fable about a king using his barber's magic mirror to choose a worthy queen for himself. In the end, the king finally found a suitable wife for himself.

2. Who are the characters in the Magic Mirror story?

The king, the barber, the watchmen, and the women are the characters in the Magic Mirror story.