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A Glass of Milk Story for Kids

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What comes to mind when we think of days of our childhood? Playing in the sun, having fun and listening to or reading stories are the common things that bring back fond memories of childhood. Whether we read the story or heard it from our parents, stories are among the important childhood memories. It is only later we realise that these stories help us shape our thinking and open our little world to the vast realm of ideas, thoughts, characters and lived experiences of others.

Stories help us learn many things both academically and creatively. Stories help us learn new words, phrases and literary tools while also allowing us to explore the ideas, narrative and characters of the story.  Short stories, poems, essays are all among the most effective ways to teach a kid moral lessons that are important for the overall character development of a child. 

In this article, we provide one such short story entitled “a glass of milk story”. The premise of the story is based on a little boy and a girl and how a simple act of kindness impacted their lives. We hope that kids and parents will enjoy the story.

A Glass of Milk Story

In a small town, there lived a poor boy who grew up selling newspapers house to house. He used to make enough money to finance his educational expenses.

He was travelling from home to home, like every day, delivering newspapers even when he felt sick and hungry. He felt he couldn't continue much longer. He was so famished that he proceeded to go to one of the houses and ask for food. 

When he knocked at the door, he was surprised to see a lovely young lady answer it. He asked the girl for a drink of water after much deliberation. The young lady saw the boy's predicament and offered him a jug of milk.

The boy gulped the milk and thanked the kind-hearted girl with a surprised expression. 

"What do I pay you for this milk?" the boy inquired. 

"I'm not looking for any compensation for all of this," the girl said softly. The kid greeted the girl again and again from the bottom of his heart and walked away.

Boy with a Glass of Milk

Boy with a Glass of Milk

Several years had gone by. The young girl was a grown woman. Tragically, the young woman was identified with a very rare form of neurological disorder. She was hospitalised at the best hospital as her health became more critical by the day.

Kevin, a well-known doctor, was available in that hospital. The physicians at the hospital had asked him in specifically to check her. Despite his exceptional expertise, Dr Kevin found the girl's ailment to be extremely difficult to cure.

He was, nevertheless, able to treat her sickness after much perseverance and hard work. The girl was finally cured of the condition after diligent therapy and observation.

All of the doctors complimented him on his dedication. The girl, on the other hand, was concerned about the hospital bill cost. 

Her family had just a small sum of money in the bank, which was insufficient to cover the cost of therapy and treatment. Once the girl eventually received the hospital bill, she was taken aback. She accepted the bill with trembling hands. 

She was shocked to discover that the bill had been struck out and cancelled and that behind the bill was a message written by Dr Kevin. The letter read, "Bill paid years ago with a glass of milk!"

Moral of “A Glass Of Milk Story”

The story teaches us the importance of good deeds. The story is a perfect example that one good deed leads to another. It was because the young girl from years ago helped a little boy that she received kindness when she needed it the most. The story also teaches us the important lesson on gratefulness. Since the little boy felt gratitude towards the girl he remembered her all through the years and worked hard to become a diligent doctor.



In conclusion of “a glass of milk story,” it is important to always show kindness to others and be grateful to the ones who showed us compassion. Short stories like the one mentioned in the articles are a great way to teach kids important life lessons while having fun together. We hope that both parents and kids enjoyed the story.

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FAQs on A Glass of Milk Story for Kids

1. Why was the young lady admitted to the hospital?

The young woman from the story was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder. It was very hard to cure such a rare ailment but with hard work and consistent work of the expert doctor named Kevin the lady was cured. She was very thankful to the doctor.

2. Why did the doctor cancel the hospital bill for the lady?

The young lady was hospitalised for a long time but her treatment bill was paid. The doctor cancelled her cost of treatment as he remembered her from his childhood. Many years ago, the lady offered the child a glass of milk when he was very hungry. She did not ask for money in exchange for it and rather treated the kid very kindly.  The doctor was grateful to the lady and hence helped her with the treatment expenses.