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The Unhappy Princess - A Heartwarming Story

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Story of The Princess and The King

What if your father forgets to get the clay or chocolates while coming back home? You will get upset and might start crying. Isn’t it? What if he gets both? You will be on cloud nine. Our emotions change with time, situations and things too. But, have you ever realised that sometimes small things give the utmost pleasure in life? Have you ever felt that? Yes, when you play with mud or take a 2-minute nap during class.

There are several beautiful theme stories that children love the most which describe all types of emotions. Here is a beautiful heart-touching fairytale of a princess. 

The Unhappy Princess

The Unhappy Princess

The Unhappy Princess

Many years ago, there was a king who lived in Aranato. He had a daughter named Araminta. He loved her very much. He always tried to make her happy and give her all the pleasures of the world. But, princess Araminta was never happy. She did not even appreciate the things her father did for her.

It made the king worried. Once, he planned an idea to make her happy. He bought a stud horse for her. He thought that his little angel daughter would love to take a ride on it. But, it did not impact her much, and she did not even look at it once. 

Then the king planned another masterstroke. The king bought a very beautiful and expensive dress for her doll. Princess Araminta loved the dress. But when she wore that dress, she again got upset. Princess Araminta said that the golden embroidery was very rough from the inside, and that it made rashes on her body. 

But, the king did not lose hope. He gifted her a beautiful palace full of luxuries. But she did not like it. She even told her father, “What will I do here alone? These empty stone hallways will make me feel drafty and lonely.”

It made the king very sad and depressed. He could not understand. He thought, “I had given all—a stud horse, the beautiful dress and a luxurious palace to my princess, but why does she not become happy?” “Now, what can I give you?” He asked directly to her. She did not demand anything.

One fine day, Araminta was walking near a lake. Suddenly, her eyes caught a glimpse of a silver-coloured fish. She was mesmerised by its beauty. She wanted to catch it. Without any delay, she held her fishing rod in her hands and started chasing the fish. Sooner, she hooked it. Then, she sat on a rock. She giggled when the sun rays kissed her. That day she became very happy.

 When she came back to her palace, she started dancing. Her father was content and enjoyed dancing with her too. She asked her father, “Can you please buy a nice fishing pole for me?” His father replied, “Sure, my dear.” “But, what will you do with that? How could a fishing pole make my princess happy?” He asked eagerly. Princess Araminta smiled and said, “It is a secret, dear daddy. I will not share it with anyone”. 

Moral of The Story

Different things make different people happy. 


In the end, the princess got her happiness back. It made the king happy. Though the happiness of the princess came from fishing, she demanded a good fishing rod from her father. 

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FAQs on The Unhappy Princess - A Heartwarming Story

1. What efforts did the king make to make his daughter happy?

The king gave all luxury to his daughter to make her happy. But it did not make her happy. So, he decided to give her a fine steed but that did not change her mood. Then he gave her a beautiful golden dress. It brought a smile to her face. But, when the princess tried to wear that golden frock, she got rashes over the body due to the golden embroidery. She was upset. Later, her father offered a palace to live in but she denied it.

2. What is the moral of the story “The Unhappy Princess”?

The story, “The Unhappy Princess”, taught us that big, beautiful or luxurious things do not guarantee happiness. Also, every person gets happiness from different things. In this story, the king tried his best to bring happiness to Princess Araminta but could not make her happy. She felt happy only after fishing.