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Horror Stories for Kids: The Candyman

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An Introduction to Candyman Ghost

Are you fond of horror stories and  The Candyman ghost is a horror story? In ancient times, black people would work for white people as ‘slaves’. Slavery began in the world in Greece and then in other parts of the world. This story is about a scary urban legend Candyman who was a black slave and would work for a white plantation owner. He fell in love with his white daughter. As he was from the black community, the owner didn’t approve of him. Read ahead to find what happened next.

A Scary Urban Legend Candyman

“Hey kids, I am a Candyman. Do you love candies? I have a ton of candies. Call my name five times while looking into the mirror and I will be there to give you candies. Will you be my friend? Every day, I will give you candies.”

A Scary Image of ‘The Candyman’

A Scary Image of ‘The Candyman’

Let us tell you, he is making you a fool. He is not the Candyman who will give you candies, he will harm you. Let us read a scary urban legend, The Candyman

Many years ago, the Candyman was a real man named Daniel Robitaille. He was a black slave who worked on a plantation in New Orleans. One day, the plantation owner chose him to paint a portrait of his daughter as he was a talented painter. But he fell in love with the daughter of the plantation owner.


One day, the white plantation owner got to know that his daughter and the slave were in love. He formed a large crowd armed with pitchforks and a pack of dogs. They chased the black slave out of the town. They soon caught him close to an old barn.

Old Yarn Where the Candyman was Caught by the Owner

Old Yarn Where the Candyman was Caught by the Owner

The owner seized Daniel and cut off his right hand with a rusty saw. They covered him with honey and threw him into a beehive. Regrettably, the Candyman died from his injuries and terrible pain. But before that, he cursed the man who killed him and promised he would one day return and take his revenge.

Still, his spirit never rests and walks the world to complete his promise and appears when his name is called five times. It is said that if someone looks into a mirror and recites the name “Candyman” five times, he will appear in the mirror, covered with blood and bees, and is very scary.

So, don’t try reciting his name ever!

Moral of the Story

The story conveys a message that we should not discriminate against someone based on skin colour. Every person is distinct, having a different skin tone and talent. Therefore, we ought to treat everyone equally, without passing judgement on them.


In this article, a Candyman horror story for kids is discussed. This scary urban legend, The Candyman has been around for quite some time and is one of the best horror tales. Although this story is likely to give its readers chills and scare kids at night, we suggest parents reassure their children to not be scared and lighten their mood.

The story also leaves us with a lesson to not discriminate against others and harm them.

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FAQs on Horror Stories for Kids: The Candyman

1. What is racism? Is this story based on racism?

Racism is a type of prejudice that describes prejudice against people of colour or other ethnic groups based on outward appearance. The racist system in South Africa serves as an example of racism.

Yes, this story is based on racism. Candyman belonged to the black community that’s why his owner never liked him.

2. To which place does the Candyman story belong?

The true story behind the ultra legend Candyman is from Texas in the 70s.

3. Why did Candyman’s owner not like him?

Candyman fell in love with his daughter and he was also from the black community. But his owner belonged to the white community so he never wanted his daughter to marry the candyman.

4. What skills can children develop through the storytelling of candyman?

Storytelling develops a lot of skills in children like social, and emotional skills, with public speaking skills that tell the mind to work along with the body in public. It can increase their vocabulary which further enhances their language.