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ABC Zoo Story

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Do you know the names of 26 animals' names? If not, then there is an interesting way to learn 26 animals’ names in a story form. The ABC Zoo is a story about a zoo with all the animals from the English alphabet. What makes this story interesting for the kids is that they interestingly learn the alphabet while also learning the names of new animals.

The story is told in the form of a game where kids can play the role of different animals. The story moves ahead interactively. It keeps kids engaged and makes learning easy and effective.

The ABC Animals Zoo Story

Let’s meet all the animals at the ABC Zoo! All of them? Well… The ABC Zoo had animals from A to Y, but there was no one from the letter Z! All the animals wanted the zoo complete, and they missed the Z animal. 

And then, there was a surprise!

The ABC Zoo received a zorilla from Africa. All the animals jumped with joy, “Hurray! Now we have all the animals for our ABC Zoo!” they exclaimed.

But the zookeepers were now scratching their heads! “The zorilla needs a home, where should we make one for her?” they wondered. They started looking for the perfect home for the zorilla, so they started with the house ABCD.

But the house was already full, An aardvark, a boa constrictor, a coyote, and a duck-billed platypus already lived there, and there was no room for a zorilla.

Alphabet zoo

Alphabet Zoo

The zookeepers then moved to the EFGH house. The house had an emu, a flamingo, a giraffe, and a hyena living there, and zorilla couldn’t find a home there either!

In the IJKL house, the house was full of an impala, a jellyfish, a koala, and a lemur. Zorilla was sad that she couldn’t find a house there.

A meerkat, a narwhal, an orangutan, and a puma lived in the house MNOP, and the zorilla couldn’t go there, either!

What do we have in the QRST house?’ wondered the zookeepers. There they had a quetzal, a rhea, a sloth and a tarantula. The zorilla started getting sad now.

In the UVW house, there lived an umbrella bird, a vulture, and a walrus. Zorilla felt terrible, but she didn’t give up!

Lastly, in the XYZ house, there was a Xenopus and a yak. But there was no animal whose name starts with Z, so room Z was empty! Hurray, the zorilla from Africa found her home!

Values to be Learned from ABC Zoo

The world is a home for all living beings, and all animals are a part of this world. We should learn about them and not be afraid of them.

Also, one should not give up hope until the end. We should always keep looking for a solution.

All animals together

All Animals Together

Practice Questions

There are a few practice questions based on the ABC zoo story. Let’s solve it.

Q1. Based on the above story tell us in which house will we keep Mr. Horse, if suppose Mr. Hyena runs away from his home EFGH?

Ans: Mr. Hyena runs away from his home EFGH. EFG are good people and have agreed to keep the Horse in their home and make the home complete….Hooray.!!

Q2. Can the zookeeper keep Zorilla from Africa in-house ABCD if the Boa Constrictor slithers away into the jungle? 

Ans: No, Zorilla cannot stay in the home ABCD as their home is very small for zorilla’s size. He will have to stay at home XYZ only. 


In today’s times, young children are very receptive to what they are taught. ABC Zoo story has thus gained popularity with the modern young kids as a method to learn the animal names alphabetically in a joyful manner. This story is indeed an interesting way to remember animal names and become knowledgeable. It also makes the kids sensitive towards animals and the environment. Kids will learn about little animals in ABC zoo through this story.

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FAQs on ABC Zoo Story

1. Who is the author of the ABC Zoo story?

The story was written by Rod Campbell in 1996

2.  Tell us something about Rod Campbell.

He was born on 4th May 1945. He is a famous Scottish author who wrote several children’s books. He had a doctorate in Organic Chemistry. 

3. Are there visual aids available for this story?

Yes, there is a lot of video guidance available on the internet and social media which helps one learn the story and the names of the animals in an interesting manner. Using graphics to learn has been proven to have more retention compared to texts.

4. What do you mean by zoo?

A zoo is a place where many animals, particularly wild ones in secure enclosures, are kept for public exhibition. Families enjoy visiting the zoo and paying admission to observe the animals, especially the kids.