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Two Cats and A Monkey - An Animal Story with a Moral

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Interestingly, reading animal stories to children provides a suitable means to teach life lessons in a manner that they can understand and it also increases their vocabulary. One of the easiest forms of instruction to use is storytelling about animals. Parents may also teach their children about their culture and traditional values through these action-packed animal stories. There are several stories with animal characters. 

Kids usually like reading these animal-themed stories. The following content tells the story of a monkey and two cats. The story's central conflict is how a monkey distributes a piece of cake between two cats and how he takes advantage of their fight. Let's have a look at the story. 

Monkey and Two Cats

Monkey and Two Cats

The Story of Two Cats and a Monkey

Once upon a time, two cats used to live in a village. They were good friends and both used to live very lovingly with each other.

One day both the cats became very hungry while playing. They saw a piece of bread at some distance.  They started fighting over that bread. One cat said,” I found it first so it is mine.” The other cat was saying the same thing.

The first cat took two pieces of bread and extended one piece towards the second cat. Seeing this, the other cat said again, "What is this, you gave me a small piece. That is wrong.

A monkey on the tree was seeing them fighting over the bread and wanted to eat that bread too. He said,’’ Why are you quarreling? I can help you because I have a scale which can divide the bread into equal amounts.”

Both cats liked the monkeys’ advice. The monkey climbed the tree and brought the scale. He put both the pieces in a pan. He deliberately divided the bread into unequal amounts and said, "Hey, this piece is big, let's make both equal and after saying this, he ate a little bit from the big piece and ate it.

Monkey dividing Bread

Monkey Dividing Bread

In this way, every time the scale became heavy, he broke a little bread from that side and started putting it in his mouth. Both the cats were now terrified. She still quietly waited for the monkey's decision as they did not want to give each other more amount of bread.

At last small pieces of bread were in pans of the scale. The monkey said, " As you have seen that I have done the hard work of dividing bread with my scale so I must get the wages of my hard work”. He ate the rest of the pieces of bread. The poor cats went on empty stomachs from there.

Two Cats and a Monkey

Two Cats and A Monkey

Both the cats had realized their mistake and felt that others could take advantage of their weakness.

The Moral of the Story  

This story of two cats and a monkey is indeed an amazing story with a very important lesson to learn. After reading these stories about cats, we know that we should always be careful that the third person who is watching the two friends fighting is not helping. On the contrary, he is taking advantage of the fight and he is using the two friends for his own benefit. This story teaches us that “when two people fight, it’s always the third person who gets the benefit”. 


In this article, we learnt a very important lesson i.e. we should never fight for small things. Animal stories are specially made for kids to teach them these small lessons with an interesting method. These stories and their morals stay with the kids for a long time. Through such stories, children learn many good things without losing interest or getting bored. 

The mere benefit of these stories is for kids only. Parents should tell their kids such stories as these stories will help them in becoming better people. This monkey story for kids will also help them in their overall development. We hope you enjoyed this short story.

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FAQs on Two Cats and A Monkey - An Animal Story with a Moral

1. Why were cats quarreling?

Cats were quarrelling over a piece of bread. When they found the bread, they were hungry and did not want to share it with each other. They thought that they would not divide the bread between them.

2. How did the monkey divide the bread between cats?

Monkey had a scale. He divided the bread in two unequal parts and put them on pans of scale. He ate a large amount of bread to make it equal and keep on doing so. At the end he ate full bread and the cats did not get anything except regret.

3. Why do you think stories such as this one are composed using animals as the characters?

Animals are taken as the characters of these stories because kids have a special curiosity to know about animals at their age. It enhances their interest in the story. Children will listen to monkey story or stories about cats with excitement.