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Blind Man Story for Kids in English

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Stories and Morals for Kids

Among the fondest memories of childhood are the stories that we hear and read as a kid. Short stories and poems that we enjoy as a kid greatly influence our thinking process and personality.

Children's stories like the one mentioned in the articles are often a great way to teach important lessons to the kids. As these stories are short, engaging and have a fascinating narration of the importance of moral virtues in life.

The blind man story mentioned in the article is one such fascinating and inspiring tale of a man who overcomes his difficulties and sets an extraordinary example for kids. Let us look into the story.

Advertisement and the Blind Man Story

An elderly blind man was sitting on a crowded sidewalk on the street. As he was blind, he could not get any job and relied on the kindness of others to survive.

On that day too he begged for money. It was the peak of the commute hours. He sat with a paper and an open tin cup in his lap.

Blind man begging

Blind Man Begging 

"BLIND PLEASE HELP!" he had scribbled on a placard beside an open tin cup.

But nobody was willing to lend him money. A young marketing author was walking down the same route when she noticed a blind man holding a placard and an old tin cup.

She also noted that far too many individuals walked by without even seeing the elderly gentleman. She pitied the blind man and wished to assist him.

After some consideration, the marketing copywriter came up with a plan. She took a permanent marker out from her purse and recreated the placard from back to front. She then went on with her business after putting some money inside the cup.

Soon people started putting more money into the cup. After some time, the elderly gentleman noticed that his tin cup was rapidly filling.

After some time, the elderly gentleman noticed that his tin cup was rapidly filling.

"Can anybody read this sign board for me?" the blind man asked a stranger while he was putting some money in the cup.

Since he was a respectable man, the stranger volunteered to read it. "It says, 'IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, YOU CAN SEE IT! but I'm not able to!" the stranger read.

The old blind man then understood the importance of words. He continued being kind and wise with his words and soon he had a decent life.

Moral of the Story

The blind man story for kids teaches us the importance of the words we speak. This story illustrates how crucial word choice and language are when we want to truly connect with and affect others. As depicted in the story, the young lady helped the blind man by writing a captivating message that explained the difficulties of the man. And it was because of it people started helping the old man.

In conclusion, the story of the blind man is a great way to teach kids about the importance of how we use our words. The story can be used to encourage kids to be creative in their writing and speaking exercise. Parents and teachers can use stories like this to help kids learn critical life lessons in a fun and engaging manner.

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FAQs on Blind Man Story for Kids in English

1. Why was the old man sitting on the pavement?

The old man was sitting on the pavement as he was begging for money. The old man was blind and did not know any other means to earn a living other than begging. No one would give him a job to earn money; thus begging and surviving at the mercy of others is the only thing he could do. 

2. How did the young writer help the man?

The young writer felt bad for the blind man as no one was helping him, so she decided to help the man by writing a captivating message on the cardboard. The writer pointed out the difficulties that the man faced and how he was not able to enjoy the simple beauty of life. This helped people to sympathise with the old man and help him.