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The Magic Pot Story in English with Moral

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Introduction to Bedtime Stories

The importance of reading to children for their development may not come as a surprise. Shared reading may teach kids a tonne of new skills, from reading comprehension to listening abilities and general literacy. However, this does not mean that you must stop reading aloud to your child just because they begin to read independently. Reading bedtime stories may help the children socialise with other people and understand real-life objects and instances more effectively. Additionally, it has been found that bedtime stories can help to improve their language skills. In this article we will see the the magic pot story in english with moral

The Magic Pot Story

There once was a farmer who resided in a village. He was thoughtful and hardworking. The wealthy elderly neighbour who owned the land sold it to the farmer. However, there were a lot of rocks and stones on the field. Early in the morning, the farmer had to go to the field and laboured tirelessly to remove the stones and rocks.

On one scorching afternoon, the farmer was working on the ground. He suddenly struck something forcefully. What is this, he questioned. "Something is under the ground," he said to himself. He kept digging, expecting to find something valuable. He discovered a large pot. "It's a huge pot! Perhaps I can store some rice in this.", said the farmer.

The Magic Pot

The Magic Pot

The farmer poured some rice into it and kept it aside. The very next day, something unexpected happened, and he couldn't believe his eyes.

Rice filled the pot to the full. "Look, honey! This pot is magical. He called his wife. “What luck!” she exclaimed. Then, a piece of bread was placed inside the pot by the farmer and his wife. The next day, he found two slices of bread. It was charming!

The farmer then filled it with various items, including gold, rice, and copper coins. The farmer became wealthy from the magic pot.

Magic Pot Filled with Gold

Magic Pot Filled with Gold

When the wealthy neighbour heard about the magical pot, he went over to the farmer's home to see it. He requested the farmer to give the pot to him.

The farmer questioned, "Why should I give you the pot?" "You didn't buy the pot from me”. Only the field was sold to you. The pot is now mine, the elderly man responded.

Before choosing to take the matter to the king, the farmer and the elderly man had a heated discussion. The king was interested in learning more about it and wanted to see the magic pot. He said, "I want to know the magic pot's secret."

It seems to be very valuable. “It belongs in the king's treasury,” he said. The farmer was instructed by the king to deliver the magic pot to him. The king brought the miraculous pot to his bedroom that evening. He filled the magic pot with several copper coins and discovered it was filled to the brim the next day. He could not speak. He said, "This is a wonderful pot indeed."

The pot was accidentally spotted in the room one day by the king's father. He started wondering about the pot. He fell into the pot while attempting to look inside. The king's father yelled, "Help me!" When the king arrived, he helped his father to get out of that large pot. He observed another man just like his father in the pot, pleading for rescue as he saved his father. The two men resembled one another absolutely. Each claimed to be the father of the king. It was impossible to differentiate between them.

King and his Two Fathers

King and His Two Fathers

"This is ridiculous! He is lying. Just ignore him,” the first man demanded. "I'm your actual father, son. Do you not see?" The other man yelled. The king groaned, "What have I done? The selfish king was forced to care for two fathers due to the magic pot, never knowing which was the genuine one!

Moral of the Story 

Due to the greedy nature of the king, he was forced to take care of both the fathers. Therefore the moral of the story is: ‘Greed always leads to trouble.’


This story is about a man who founds a magical pot and a king who took the magic pot due to his greed and suffered the consequences. A great moral is presented in the form of a story. This story conveys a strong message that no one should be envious of anyone and should always remain happy with what they have. Greed always leads to arrogance in a person, which blinds the person from his own wrong actions. 

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FAQs on The Magic Pot Story in English with Moral

1. Who found the magic pot and how?

In the field, the farmer discovered the magic pot. The farmer was considerate and diligent. The land was sold to the farmer by a wealthy older neighbour who owned it. The farmer had to go to the field and work arduously to remove the rocks and stones because there were numerous rocks and stones in the field.

The farmer was working outside on a sweltering afternoon. He immediately hit something hard and continued to dig in the hopes of uncovering something significant. He came across a big pot, the magic pot.

2. What were the things that multiplied due to the magic pot?

The Magic pot could multiply the things placed in it. First, the farmer, when he discovered the pot, thought of putting some rice in it and using it as a storage container. Later he found out the power of pot. The farmer then filled it with various items, like gold, bread, etc., and became wealthy. When the pot was with the king, he filled the magic pot with several copper coins and soon discovered that it was filled to the brim. Mistakenly the king's father also fell into the pot, and he got two fathers who were the same. 

3. What is the magic pot?

English children's weekly Magic Pot is published. Through games, crafts, and other activities, it helps the youngster become more creative. more effectively teaches the child through albums, projects, and other means. Additionally encourages the youngster to read more by providing stories, poems, and cartoons.