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Interesting Story of Little Boy Blue for Kids

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The Hardworking Little Boy Blue

This is a story of a hardworking boy who helps his ill mother. Do you know this boy? He is known as the Little Boy Blue. In this story, we will find out how the little boy blue helps his mother and how they eventually live happily ever after. 

Primarily, the story teaches the students the value of hard work. Apart from this moral, there is another teaching that the story imparts, let us read the story to find out!

The Story - The Little Boy Blue

There lived a little boy with golden hair and bright blue eyes. He lived with his widowed mother. His mother gleaned the fields and earned her living. One day, the little boy’s mother falls ill and fails to go to work. Seeing this, the little boy comes to the rescue. He says, “Oh dear mother! Do not worry, you take a rest, while I will go to work.” His mother is astonished, she says “Where will you find work, my little boy?” He replies “I will go to the local squire and find work there.” Thus, despite his age, the little boy goes off to work. His mother stitched him a new suit out of her old blue gown to replace his usual rags. 

The Little Boy Goes off to Work

After dressing properly, the boy goes to the squire to find work. He meets the daughter of the squire named Mistress Madge. The young woman is so happy with the Little Boy Blue that she convinces her father to keep the little boy at work on the farm. Also, Mistress Madge then gave him the name “Little Boy Blue”. He was given the duty to keep the animals out of the planted fields and the meadowlands. 

Another Misfortune

The little boy worked very hard and kept all the animals away from the planted area. His mother gradually recovered when the boy went home in the evening to meet his mother. But, fate again turned bad for them, and this time the little boy’s mother slipped and broke her leg. The little boy ran to fetch a doctor. The doctor came and examined her leg and said, “The break is not that bad but she must rest until she completely heals.” The little boy was worried about his mother and said that he will not go to the squire for work the next day. To this, the mother insisted and forced him to go to work. The little boy could not sleep the whole night. He was really worried about leaving his mother all alone in the cottage. 

The Turn of Events


Little Boy Blue sleeping

Anyway, the next morning, he went off to work and managed to stay awake during the day. At sunset, the Little Boy Blue eventually fell asleep under the shadow of a haystack, and unfortunately, all the animals found their way into the crops. This made the squire furious! He got angry at the little boy. But, Mistress Madge was a kind lady, she learnt about the boy’s circumstances at home. She then sent a caretaker to help her mother in the cottage. Now, the squire understood his fault; he judged the little boy too early without knowing his circumstances. He forgave the little boy and called him back to work. 

Little Boy Blue Grows up!

Soon, the little boy with his mother moved to a new cottage on the squire’s land. Thus, the little boy blue did a great help to his mother unknowingly, by falling asleep rather than staying awake! The little boy worked as a faithful shepherd and later he owned a farm of his own.  


This was the story of the hardworking little blue boy who grew up to be a successful shepherd and then a farm owner. The moral of the story is the fruit of hard and faithful work is always sweet. Did you find the other moral of the story? The second moral is  “Do not judge anyone before you know the circumstances they have been through.” We see the squire was angry with the little boy before knowing his circumstances at home. This is not the correct attitude on the part of the squire. For which, later he understood and called the little boy back.

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FAQs on Interesting Story of Little Boy Blue for Kids

1. How did the little boy help his mother by falling asleep?

The little boy fell asleep and the animals ran into the planted crops. This made the squire furious. But after knowing the actual reasons behind the carelessness of the little boy, the squire allowed his mother and him to stay in a near cottage in the land, thus the little boy helped his mother by falling asleep. 

2. What can we learn from the little blue boy?

From the story of the little blue boy, we learn that hard work can be done at any age. All we need is the willingness and courage to do it. It also teaches us to help our parents in every way possible and take care of them.