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The Unicorn and His Friends - Short Kid Story

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What is a Unicorn?

It is one of the cutest books for kids revolving around a unicorn. And who isn’t interested when it comes to unicorns and magic? 

So it’s a story of a magical unicorn who has a magic thorn and can make rainbows. But all his life he has dreamed of having wings. So he goes on a quest to find wings! 

Do you think the rainbow unicorn will ever be able to get the wings? So, in this article, we will learn about unicorns and my little pony unicorn with wings present in the story. Let’s start the story.

Unicorn Wings

Unicorn Wings

Why Do Kids Love Unicorns?

Everyone is obsessed with the unicorns, specifically the kids, and the reason may be because unicorns have always been shown as elusive and magical throughout the stories and mythical beings are powerful. And we can’t deny the fact that they do look absolutely beautiful.

Also, unicorns are loved so much that there are unicorn products available in the markets including soft toys, clothes, cakes, movies, and even shoes available for kids particularly named “Twinkle Toes Unicorn Wings”

Unicorn Wings Story 

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom there lived a beautiful white unicorn as shiny as the moon. He was very pretty and even kind towards everyone that all the other creatures of the kingdom used to love him.

The unicorn has a magical horn that could make rainbows which made him an extraordinary unicorn! He can use his horn to make the dirty water clean, he could fix the injuries or cute and broken bones. But, the unicorn didn’t care much about his magic horn. Instead, he always wished and deeply desired that he had unicorn wings to fly freely like a bird or butterfly. 

Unicorn with Wings

Unicorn with Wings 

A Quest to Find The Wings

One day, the unicorn went to the castle in his kingdom. The beautiful castle had a garden filled with adorable flowers and greenery which was the home for the butterflies. The unicorn talked to the butterflies and said “I wish I had wings like yours” but the butterflies told him that their wings are too tiny for him.

Later, the unicorn went to the forest and looked up to the trees and saw the colourful birds sitting on the branches. He said “I wish I had wings like yours” to a bluebird. 

But the bluebird told him that the colour of her wings aren’t the right match for him. 

He didn’t stop searching and went to the pond where he saw the frogs were jumping, and gorgeous white swans were swimming in the water. He then said the same thing to the swan “I wish I had wings like yours”. 

But the swan just shook her head as a no in the answer. He was sad as no one wanted to give up their wings. 

Did The Unicorn Get The Wings?

The unicorn felt disappointment after not getting the wings from anyone so he walked and went to the sea and he fell asleep soon after laying down. Suddenly the unicorn felt a touch on his nose and woke up. After opening his eyes he saw a white horse with unicorn wings!

But one of the horse’s wings drooped as they got stuck into the thorny bush and were hurt. The unicorn went ahead and used his magic horn to heal the white horse’s wings and the wings apparently grew strong and didn’t droop anymore. The white horse thanked him and flew away. The unicorn said “I wish I had wings like that”, as he was amazed by her wings as he flew towards the rising sun. 

White Horse and the Rainbow Unicorn

White Horse and the Rainbow Unicorn 

Then he looked down sadly and saw himself in the water of the pond. He was surprised to see that he had big beautiful white wings, he stretched his wings out wide and flew after the white-winged horse as he wanted to say “thank you”. 

Finally, he was happy to fly into the sky and he was now known as Rainbow Unicorn With Wings!                                     

Moral of The Story

The Rainbow unicorn taught us to always help the one in need. 


We read about the most loved fantasy character that is the “rainbow unicorn” who has a magical horn and his dream of having a pair of wings in this story. It was his quest for the beautiful wings to fly freely in the sky. And eventually, due to an act of kindness and help, he got his personal set of wings. In this way, at the end, a white horse helped the unicorn and the unicorn felt happy to be the rainbow unicorn with wings.

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FAQs on The Unicorn and His Friends - Short Kid Story

1. Describe the importance of unicorns.

The unicorn is a mythical creature that only appears in stories. This creature has wings and resembles a horse. The unicorn has a horn on its head that is quite straight and pointed, which is its unique feature.

Unicorn stories are quite popular among children. That is why Vedantu has provided unicorn stories that will undoubtedly make children happy.

2. Who was the author of the Story “The Unicorn and his Friends?”

Catherine Adams was the author of the story “The Unicorn and his Friends.”

3. What are the winged unicorns known as?

Winged unicorns are originally known as “Alicorns”.