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The Balloon Story for Kids in English

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The Balloon that Flew the Highest: A Moral Story for Kids

Are you fond of colourful balloons? Have you ever tried watching your balloons fly high in the sky? Imagine you were given a big balloon of your favourite colour and when you let it fly, it goes up and up in the sky. Won’t you just be thrilled? However, when little Ray let his balloon fly up in the sky, it was not able to rise as high as he thought it would. So let’s read the story of little Ray and his balloon and find out how his balloon finally flew the highest in the sky.

The Balloon Story

In the heart of the city of Udaipur, there once lived a little prince Ray. The king and the queen named him so as he was bright as a button. Ray was very witty and fond of games. He had five friends, Hari, Suresh, Gopi, and Vinay. They were the sons of his father’s courtiers. All of them used to play in the garden. Ray headed their team and brought all his new games and toys to play with them. 

Image of little prince Ray

Image of Little Prince Ray

One day, a balloon seller was spotted in the city. Gopi bought a balloon and took it to play with his friends at the palace. All the little boys were excited to see this amazing thing filled with gas. Ray liked it so much that he asked the king to get all the balloons for him. Soon, the balloon-seller was summoned to the court. The king asked him to come every day in the evening and give as many balloons to the prince as he would wish for. 

The next day, Ray and his friends waited in the garden for the balloon-seller. Once he came, each of them wanted a balloon. While they ran about in the garden, holding the balloons in their hands, Ray’s balloon escaped his loose grip. They were gazed up and saw the balloon fly in the sky. They were overjoyed to see that the balloon could fly. 

Ray thought of a game and told his friends of it. In his game, each of them would take a balloon of unique colour and stand by the lake. All of them would let go of their balloons at the same time. The one whose balloon would rise the highest would be the winner. Hari, Suresh, Gopi, and Vinay, all were excited to play this game. So the next evening, they met by the lake and the balloon-seller accompanied them.

Ray thought to himself that since the sky is blue, a blue balloon should fly the highest. So he asked the balloon-seller to give him a blue balloon. Hari took a red balloon, Gopi took a yellow balloon, Suresh took a pink balloon, and Vinay took an orange balloon. All of them were set to let go of their balloons at the count of 5. And so they did. They moved back and watched the balloons go up. Ray was very confident that he would win. However, to his dismay, the blue balloon could not rise much high, and Gopi was the winner. 

Ray had never lost a game before, so he returned to the palace with a sad face. While he lay on his bed at night, he thought that since the yellow balloon rose the highest, he would take a yellow balloon the next day. Likewise, the next evening they all met by the lake and the balloon-seller was awaiting them there. 

Ray went up to him before the others and asked him for a yellow balloon. Suresh took a blue balloon, Hari took an orange balloon, Gopi took a pink balloon, and Vinay took a red balloon. All of them let go of their balloons at the same time and moved back a little to watch them fly. However, the yellow balloon did not rise the highest but the red balloon did. Vinay was the winner that day. 

Image of balloons in the sky

Image of Balloons in the Sky

Ray was very disappointed and had tears in his eyes when he returned to the palace. He kept contemplating for long what went wrong with his balloons. He could not see any reason for losing the game and fell asleep. The next evening, he went up to the lake early and found the balloon-seller waiting at the spot. Ray told him the whole story and asked why his balloons were not rising the highest. 

The balloon-seller told him, “Oh my little prince, it is not the colour of the balloon that determines how high the balloon will rise. All that matters is what the balloon has in it. The balloon that contains more gas will rise the highest in the sky.”. On seeing little Ray’s sad face, the balloon-seller filled up his balloon with more gas than the others. It was a blue balloon like the one Ray got on the first day of the game. That day, his balloon rose the highest in the sky and Ray won the game. He returned happily to the palace and sent treats for his friends.

Moral of the Story

The moral of this balloon story is: “How high a person will rise in life is not determined by his or her colour, caste, or religion. It is the person’s confidence, character, values, and thoughts that determine how high he or she will rise.”. 


From this story, kids can learn that the outer appearance does not determine how high the balloon would go, instead, it is what the balloon contains that determines its flight. Kids can learn similar important lessons of life through easy and fun short stories in English and remember the lessons throughout their lives. So, encourage your kids to read more such stories on Vedantu and learn the lessons of life.

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FAQs on The Balloon Story for Kids in English

1. Who were the friends of Ray?

Hari, Suresh, Vinay, and Gopi were the friends of Ray. Each of them was the son of the courtiers at the palace. They used to visit the palace and played with Ray every day. Ray was very fond of his friends and shared his toys and games with them. They mostly played in the garden but went to the lake to play Ray’s balloon game.

2. What game did Ray and his friends play with the balloons?

Ray had thought of a new game with the balloons. In the game, Ray and his friends would stand in a line, each with a balloon. All of them had to let go of their balloons, simultaneously. The balloon that would rise the highest would determine the winner of the game. Gopi had won the balloon game on the first day.