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Tiana Story

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Introduction to Tiana's Story

The Princess and the Frog, a 2009 animated feature film by Disney, stars Tiana as the main character. She is a talented cook living in Jazz Age New Orleans with dreams of making her own restaurant. Tiana kisses a prince who had been magically changed into a frog by an evil witch to fulfil her aim. But in doing so, Tiana also receives the curse, starting a journey in the backwater to find a solution. She is the most recent Disney Princess to come from a traditionally animated movie, and she is also the ninth recognized Disney Princess.

Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana

Tiana dreams of opening her own restaurant. She works hard to try to make that dream come true. In a twist of fate, she kisses a frog and goes on an adventure through the New Orleans bayou.

The Story

Tiana was growing up in a cute little house in New Orleans. She enjoyed cooking with her father. They produced the finest gumbo in the entire city.

Their ultimate goal was to one day start a family restaurant. Tiana wished for their dream to come true on the Evening Star one night. Tiana's desire for her own restaurant didn't go away as she grew older. She was aware that sometimes wishing wasn't enough. She worked hard to make her dream a reality. That, however, left no time for enjoyment or romance. One day, Tiana's friend Charlotte requested that she prepare some of her renowned beignets.

A Young Tiana Looking out into the Evening Star

A Young Tiana Looking out into the Evening Star.

For a prince named Naveen, Charlotte was hosting a masquerade ball. Tiana would be able to take another step toward purchasing her own restaurant with the proceeds from the beignets.

Tiana Dressed in a Princess Costume for the Ball

Tiana Dressed in a Princess Costume for the Ball

Tiana, wearing a princess costume for the event, made one last wish to the Evening Star in the vain hope that it would grant her wish. When she was finished, a frog spoke to her! Prince Naveen was there.

He had been transformed into a frog by a magical spell. Naveen believed Tiana to be a true princess and that the only way to end the spell was with a kiss from one. Tiana didn't want to kiss a frog.

She then closed her eyes and kissed Prince Naveen after he offered to assist her in starting a restaurant. He didn't, however, change back into a prince. She instead changed into a frog! 

Tiana and Naveen escaped the party in a panic and ended up in a bayou. They met Louis, an alligator who enjoyed playing the trumpet. He was certain that only Mama Odie could make them human once more.

Tiana kisses the Frog

Tiana kisses the Frog.

As Tiana and Naveen followed Ray, the firefly to Mama Odie, they taught each other valuable lessons. Tiana showed Naveen how to work hard for what he wanted, and Naveen taught Tiana that having fun was important.

Soon they became great friends. That night, the Evening Star shone brightly in the sky. While Louis played a song on his trumpet, Naveen and Tiana danced gracefully together in time with the music.

Tiana and Naveen Dancing

Tiana and Naveen Dancing.

The following day, Tiana and Naveen made their way to Mama Odie's house. She was already in both human nature and magic. "You want to be human, but you don't see what you need to become human." Mom Odie informed them.

Tiana and Naveen were shown by Mama Odie through the magic that Charlotte would be the Mardi Gras princess for the day. By midnight, the spell would be broken if Charlotte kissed Naveen. They had to head back quickly! When Tiana and Naveen finally made it back to town, it was already too late. 

They were frogs for all time because the clock had struck midnight. The only thing they truly needed was each other and love.

Naveen and Tiana’s Romantic Bonding

Naveen and Tiana’s Romantic Bonding

The two frogs went back to the bayou and got married there in front of their friends. Tiana officially became a princess after getting married to Prince Naveen. When she kissed Naveen this time, she also turned human. Tiana and Naveen worked together to open the restaurant that Tiana had always imagined for herself and her father. Lastly, Princess Tiana had everything she needed and wanted at last.

Naveen and Tiana’s Wedding

Naveen and Tiana’s Wedding.

Moral of the Story

The Moral of the Tiana story teaches us a lesson about keeping your promises. The princess tries to back out of her promise to the frog, but her father insists that she maintain her integrity. As a result, the princess ends up with her prince. 


Tiana is a focused and ambitious person who wants to open the finest restaurant in New Orleans one day. Meeting Prince Naveen, who has been transformed into an amphibian, causes her dream to take a small wrong turn. Naveen plants a kiss on poor Tiana, thinking she is a princess, in an attempt to break the spell and transform both of them into frogs. To get the help and support of a strong voodoo priestess, the two engage on an adventure through the bayous.

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FAQs on Tiana Story

1. Is Princess Tiana a hero?

Tiana is actually a hero because she has always worked hard for what she wanted. Tiana brought Naveen back with her into her ordinary world, and she had more determination to build her restaurant.

2. Is Tiana ambitious? Refer to the story for it.

Yes, Tiana is ambitious. Tiana has a lot of wonderful qualities, but one that stands out the most is her ambition. She is hardworking and will do whatever it takes to achieve her dreams, despite the odds. 

3. How did Tiana become a princess?

Once wedded to Prince Naveen, Tiana became a real princess. This time when she kissed Naveen, not only did he become human - she became human, too! Together, Naveen and Tiana opened the restaurant that Tiana had always dreamed about with her father. Tiana finally had everything she wanted - and all that she needed.

4. How is Tiana different from other princesses?

Unlike any other princesses, Tiana has a job and gets paid. It seems that the other White princesses are granted high status, whereas Tiana is forced to work for it. Tiana is not granted magic to further her goals, but she is encouraged to work hard for her dream life.