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Poor Fish Story: Fish Stories for Kids with Moral

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An Introduction to the Poor Fish Short Story

You must have heard many stories about fish but what about poor fish? So, this is the story of a poor fish for you. This is a short and interesting story that tells people what can happen when a person gets placed in captivity where they can't move around like they want to or have their privacy.

The story is about a girl named Mary who has always loved to spend time with her fish in the pond near her house, watching them and feeding them. 

Fish in the pond near Mary's house

Fish in The Pond Near Mary's House

Mary had an assortment of fish, one of which was the beloved pet fish that she had raised since it was a larva. Since Mary spent so much time with her fish, she eventually got attached to it and wanted to keep it as a pet. Let’s read the whole story.

The Story Begins

One day, the pond started to smell bad, so Mary went over to the pond and scooped out some of the water, and looked around for something that could clean it up. She was surprised when she found a big bag of sand with rats at work. 

She convinced herself that all was okay, even though every day there seemed to be more bags of sand in the pond as well as fewer fish. She didn't let it bother her, so she went back to feeding her fish.

The fish and other aquatic animals in the pond

The Fish and Other Aquatic Animals in The Pond

A Few Days Later…

A few days later, Mary noticed that one of the fish was not behaving normally. It was swimming in circles and bumping into the other fish, and there was sand at the bottom of the pond. She scooped out some water again. This time when she looked around and found silt at work too.

She checked on all the other fish which were all acting strangely too — except for one little fish which darted away when she got near it. She decided that the pond had to be drained and she did so, but when the water was all gone she noticed that her little fish was still alive, so she scooped it out and put it in a small tank which she kept in her room. 

She noticed immediately that it didn't act like a normal fish. It stayed near the top of the water rather than swimming around and whenever Mary came near it, it would dart away from her. Later that night Mary fell asleep.

Only a few fish remained in the pond

Only a Few Fish Remained in The Pond

The Next Morning…

The next morning she woke up and went to get her fish from the tank. The little fish was nowhere to be found. Mary was sad, and decided to put her little fish back in the pond but when she got there, all the other fish were gone. She decided not to worry about it and thought, “Maybe they would come back.

A Few Days Passed…

A few days passed by and one of the rats had been bitten, so Mary tried putting some medicine on her paw but it didn't do any good and the rat died a few days later. 

Mary was very sad because she wasn't sure why the rat had died even though this had never happened before. She went to the pond and was shocked to see that there was no more sand, but that their family of rats had been replaced by a family of frogs.

When she looked very carefully, she could see a trail of silt moving around the bottom of the pond, so she scooped some up in her hand. She was horrified when she realised it was a bag of silt that had opened, and that all her fish had been eaten; they were digested inside the bags. 

The End

Mary ran out into the garden and saw that all her goldfish were gone too (they had all been sold). She blamed herself but then decided that it didn't matter anymore because all her fish were gone. She went home, sat on her bed, and cried. 

Moral of the Story

Be attentive, active, and take good decisions within the time”. 

This story would teach kids to be careful about their pets, be active and attentive towards their behaviour and if they observe any strange behaviour then make a good decision with the help of adults within time.


This story is about a girl named Mary, who likes to spend time in a pond in the neighbourhood. She pets a few fish and grows close to them. But after some time, fish started disappearing and started acting in a weird way with the exception of little fish. She thought this was due to a lack of water in the pond, and she observed some sand in the water too, so she added more water. But Mary was still worried. One day when Mary went to check on the pond, she was horrified to find that all her fish had been eaten and they were digested inside the bag of silts. She blamed herself for all that has happened. 

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FAQs on Poor Fish Story: Fish Stories for Kids with Moral

1. Where did Marry love to spend her time?

Mary has always enjoyed spending time watching and feeding the fish in the pond at her home.

Mary owned a variety of fish, including her cherished pet fish, which she had nurtured from a larva. Mary spent a lot of time with her fish, and as a result, she finally developed feelings for it and desired to keep it as a pet.

2. Why did Mary bring that little fish home?

Mary observed sand in the pond and due to it, the level of water decreased. As a result, fishes started to behave strangely, and slowly most of the fish died except the little fish. So, Mary picked that little fish and brought it home to save its life.

3. Why is the title of the story named poor fish and what happened at the end of the story?

The title  ‘Poor fish’ is totally related to this story because each day, most of the fish died in the pond that’s why it is called poor fish, and at the end of the story, Mary blamed herself for it all. She wanted to save all the fish but she failed.